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July 22, 2017

5 Magnificent Ideas to Channelize Traffic on a New Blog

5 Magnificent Ideas to Channelize Traffic on a New Blog


The ultimate success of the chain of efforts in building a blog depends on the traffic density it is able to attract. You can qualify for monetization programs such as Google Adwords only when there is a good amount of visitors that regularly keep visiting your blog. If you are a new blogger then you will have to initiate a chain of efforts to accomplish the traffic building goals. Apart from seeking some white hat seo practices, there are a lot you can do to attract traffic to your site.

 5 Magnificent Ideas to Channelize Traffic on a New Blog

Guest Posts on High Traffic Blogs: Many bloggers invite guest post contributor to their blog. Write quality guest posts that will be interesting to read and add an impressive bio containing the link of your blog. Provide a brief description of your blog in one or two lines. Try to write guest blogs for more than one site. Always make sure you write for niche blogs only to get the target audiences. People often feel that the social networking sites are the only destination for community building. But you can actually build a group of audiences through this technique.


Comment on Niche Blogs: You can find your audiences on other established blogs in the same niche with greater traffic. Post some genuine comments (no spamming) that relate to the concerned post. Do not forget to add the link of your blog along with your comment. Since these comments and the blog will stay permanently the traffic will also keep pouring in.


Add RSS Button: Many bloggers with superbly high contents miss a bulk share of audiences by not adding the RSS button on their blog. Really Simple Syndication (RSS) eases out the job of data syndication for the blog publisher. This is an excellent feature that takes into account all the recently added posts automatically. If a visitor likes to receive regular updates from a site, he can simply subscribe to the RSS feeds to get these updates. No need to manually log in to the site every time. Hit the RSS button and you are on the go. If you have not added the RSS orange button to your site you may be missing a lot many visitors. There are lots of video tutorials on YouTube that will teach you how to add an RSS button to your blog.


Social Media: If your blog is ready with a lot many posts that you hope people will enjoy reading and contains useful information, it is high time to build social media profiles on popular sites including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Wiki and many others. Make it impressive enough and keep sharing your blog posts on all channels. A significant amount of audiences visit the blog through the backlinks from social media websites. However if you are building a LinkedIn profile make sure the topics you share are related to professional niches.


Blog Directories: A significant number of audiences can reach your blog if it is listed on popular blog directories such as Technorati and Alltop.


The above techniques keep diverting a significant amount of traffic to a blog. However the real trick is to continue blogging, keep your audiences well informed and engaged with a conversational tone. You can also conclude the post with some information on what posts will follow in the near future. Keep posting regularly as the audiences value blogs that are full of new posts every time they visit.  

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