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July 26, 2017

50 Quick Fire Tips for Superstar Blogging (Part 1)

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Over the years, I have had experience blogging from many different spectrums and I have been able to observe blogging techniques of the top bloggers. Remember the goals of blogging: (1) get tons of traffic  to your blog (2) monetize your blog (3) use your blog as a foundation to brand yourself.

My tips in no particular order:

1. The best platform for blogging is WordPress because it is flexible with many plug-ins, easy to submit blog posts to, and customizeable using widgets.

2. In order to monetize your blog, you must post at least once a day. If you are looking to use your blog as an informational site, then once a week is the answer. In addition, if you are using it as your website or foundation for your product or service then two or three times a week is necessary.

3. It is all about the headlines; make sure you use catchy headlines to attract the attention of your target audience. Ask yourself, will your blog headline stand out?

4. It is important to ask open-ended questions in order to get commentary on your blog. Tell your readers to answer the questions in a comment form.

5. In order to maximize your reach, you have to comment on other blogs of your interest. Maintain a separate folder in Google Reader for relevant blogs and comment whenever you have something to say.

6. Make sure you are using Twitter as a micro-blogging service to promote your blog, Friendfeed as well.

7. Twitterfeed is an important tool you can use to get  your latest posts onto Twitter. Remember not to ONLY use Twitterfeed, you have to show you are a real person on Twitter to make the most out of your connections.

8. On your blog, make sure the RSS feed stands-out because you want people to subscribe to your blog and this is one way of achieving that. Also, use Feedburner to set a counter on your RSS feed, so you can see how many people are subscribing to your blog, real-time.

9. Add a RSS-to-Email option on your blog, so you don’t always have to send your subscribers to your reader, they can receive your RSS via email. Feedburner also has a free RSS-to-Email service.

10. Use IMAGES in your posts, images communicate what words cannot. Sometimes pictures are worth more than words because people are able to connect their emotions and feelings to them.

11. In order to separate sections in your blog posts, make sure you use header tags. H1, H2, H3…etc. These are like sub-topics for your blog, so people don’t get bored with your post and keep your audience interested. Also, in order to optimize your blog, use Google search engine keywords in your headers.

12. Structure your blog posts for easy scanning and use header tags, so you don’t bore your target audience with long paragraphs and sentences.

13. Avoid Myspace customized designs, you don’t want to distract your audience away from your blog posts. Keep them connected to your blog. Make sure your content is easy to pay attention to.

14. WordPress themes are available to customize your blog to fit your interest. I prefer Templatic for my WordPress themes because they have the latest and greatest themes.

15. When you have a blog, remember to have a mailing-list on your blog. These people are potential leads for you that you are able to monetize in the future. WordPress has some great plug-ins that allow you to set up a mail-box on your website.

16. Research the correct mailing list for your blog. I prefer Aweber, however, what you choose is up to you. Make sure you are satisfied with your mailing list, because it will be difficult to move it later.

17. When you choose a topic to write about make sure: (a) you are interested in your topic, from experience, people write better on topics they are passionate about, and (b)  your topic is marketable to your target audience. Are you bringing value to your target audience?

18. If you are looking to make a living out of your blog, make you learn how to SELL on your blog. The way to a full-time income is to learn how to MARKET and sell items on your blog. Yaro Starak is an expert at this if you need an example.

19. Don’t avoid Facebook. This is a powerful networking tool and you should take time to build your online community, just as you would use Twitter for the same reason.

20. Create a Facebook Fan Page. Create an informational fan page for your blog readers and invite them to your fan page. It can also serve as an outpost for your blog posts. You can import your blog onto the fan page using Networked Blogs or Notes.

21. Don’t be a Follow-the-Leader Blogger. You don’t want to just copy news  posts that  came out in your own style. It is important that you offer something unique that can not be found anywhere else in the market.

22. Think about your blog as a business or foundation. This blog is a promotional and delivery mechanism for your product or service.

23. When writing your About page, be careful about what you write. You don’t want to just state cookie-cutter facts on your about page. The about page is an interracial part of your blog and you should be able to tell a story of who you are and why your target audience should keep up with your blog.

24. Videos and How-to Videos. Use Tubemogul to publish your videos in as many places as possible. Make sure your blog URL is not only in the video but in the text description that goes along with the video, as well. Make videos that will cater to your target audience; teach them something in your industry they didn’t already know about.

25. When making videos it is important to be REAL and have a personality. No one wants to listen to a video that is vanilla, in your videos, be yourself, be funny, and engage your audience. Learn how to make learning fun.

Tune in for the rest of the tips on the next blog post!

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