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July 26, 2017

50 Quick Fire-tips for Superstar Blogging (Part 2)

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You’ve tuned in to Part 2 on how to make the most of your marketing blog.  Here’s how to use blogging to reach your goals and target audience:

26. Create dynamic posts and links to them.

This is the secret to turning new readers into dedicated subscribers.  This way, they can see your best work!

27. Share your posts and others’ too.

You can submit your posts to Digg and Stumbleupon but it’s also crucial you submit those of others from your interest or industry.  I recommend a ten-to-one ratio of your posts against others’ posts.

28. Link your Facebook to your blog.

By involving your social media files, people can connect with you outside your blog and you can get more subscribers to your blog posts.

29. Don’t post low subscriber counts

It’s important not to show your RSS subscriber count unless it’s at least a few hundred.  A lower Feedburner number could mean lower credibility.

30. JavaScript widgets are a no-no.

Don’t overload your blog with them; they tend to slow down the loading speed of your site.

31. Blogging is a social business.

Be accessible to your readers outside your blog – talk to them about your niche and make them feel you’re not just posting.

32. Read as much as you write.

This will enable you to learn as you write, opening the door to becoming a better writer, expanding your knowledge, and getting new ideas for your own site.

33. Read other blogs for ideas.

When you’re trying to find an idea to write about, it’s important you look to others to see what’s going on.  Sometimes you can even respond to their blog posts within your own!

34. Error-free is the way to be.

Try not to write as if you’re writing for Britannica – make sure you reread your blog posts for errors.

35. Create something of value.

Write e-books or shoot videos on the subject and sell them on your blog.

36. Go where the readers are.

Every industry is unique.  In mine, people are tech-savvy and frequently hang out in the social media spaces.  If your target audience is young, they might be on Myspace.  If they’re into Linux, you’ll find them in the Ubuntu forums.

37. Use Windows Live Writer.

It’s the best blogging client program out there; it’ll help you maximize your blogging in an easy and convenient way, and best of all, it’s FREE.

38. Micro-blogging is crucial.

Make sure you’re publishing your blog in many different networks so you can expose it to a larger audience and gain more subscribers.

39. Hold popularity contests.

Include a plug-in that ranks your posts by popularity.  You don’t have to display this to the public, but it gives you an idea of the subjects you should blog about more often.

40. Use relevant keywords.

Use All-In-One SEO to have more control over the titles throughout your blog.

41. Create an RSS widget.

Use a widget box to make one and give it to your readers to add to their own blogs.

42. Become an affiliate.

By linking to relevant products in your posts, you’re providing valuable information and making money too!

43. Link to other blogs.

Regularly linking to related posts will let you share your material with others and allow them to share your posts on their blogs.  When you share, you’re exposing your blog to many more people and expanding your online community.

44. Make sharing easy.

Use a Re-tweet button plug-in so people can share via Twitter.  Add a “Like” plug-in from  You can add bookmarking tools as well via WordPress’s sexybookmarks plug-in.

45. Train your readers.

If your goal is to help other people reach their own with social media, then you must have how-to videos and posts on social bookmarking websites, social networks, RSS feeds, and other online marketing tools.

46. Open a gallery.

Flickr has a great photo gallery plug-in called Flickr Photo Album which allows you to display photos on your blog

47. Be consistent.

When beginning a blog, it’s important you decide on a mission – you must base your posts on a common theme.  If you’re maintaining a personal diary along with a marketing feed your posts won’t be consistent, you’ll split your audience, and you’ll probably never attract the type of reader you want.

48. Be authentic.

It’s important you be yourself when writing blog posts.  Chris Pirillo attracts people to his blog and Ustream feed by his personality alone.

49. Self-analyze.

To see how well your blog is doing, it’s important to use Google Analytics so you can keep in touch with the traffic to your blog.

50. Be helpful.

When writing posts or articles for your blog, make sure your goal is to help other people.  This will add value to your content and keep your audience coming back.

That’s it!  Now it’s your turn to be the authority.  Just follow these tips and soon the traffic will be beating a path to your blog.

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