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July 26, 2017

6 tips on how to connect sales via Social Media

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The word Social Media is ubiquitous yet people are struggling trying to make the connection between sales and social media. Others are having a hard time understanding if social media and an online presence are needed at all. There are those are just overwhelmed by social networks, they don’t know where to begin. Just like any other advertising/marketing avenue, the amounts of sales are not guaranteed.

Let us take a step back and review the basic items such as a fanpage. Your fanpage should consist of your: loyal customers, staff, fans, and future customers. Now you don’t need those old school surveys or research companies to help you get the word on what others are saying about your brand. If you listen to the fans or use social search you can view what others are saying about your brand online. Your fans can let you know how you can improve your brand and give you feedback through polls, comments, and everyday interactions on the fan page. Now take action, of YOUR fanpage and post the valuable content that will get you the answers you need.

Consequently, social media is still monitored by associates or interns who may know how to operate social media platforms yet do not understand enough about social media to identify the key elements and sources that are needed to bring value to the target audience. Posting two or three times a day is not enough, it is all about creating a buzz within these networks, and then turning that buzz (conversation) into a potential lead. Here are the tips you have been waiting for:

1. Customer Service: Brick and mortar customer service is one of the oldest way to reach out to your customer as you can provide a personal connection when you greet your customers and ask them how they are doing or what they have plans for the day. Ever go to your bank, and notice how they try to initiate small talk by asking you what your weekend plans are. This conversation is critical to create that rapport with the intent to know the name’s of the customers. Having a great quality product and/or impeccable service, a competitive price and a social presence towards your community are key components that add value to your social media following.

2. Optimize Sales: As mentioned above, you can have surveys and talk to your staff about what items are in demand, or you can log onto your fanpage and conduct a poll to see what your fans want to see more of at your store. Your fans are the ones who will be shopping online then returning to your fanpage to leave comments about a particular size, or selection they wanted but couldn’t find. Now it’s your turn to monitor these comments and optimize your sales.

3. Re-Targeting: For customers who could not find what they were looking for online, direct them to where they can find it. For those who are dissatisfied with their order, give them free shipping or coupon for their next purchase. Build your own online store by using the Payvment application on Facebook™, where you can feature all of your products online. This way your consumers can share products with their friends and make purchases.

4. Bring Offline events to the Web: Promote in-store events on facebook through the Events feature. Provide codes on facebook™ they can use to get a discount when they come in to shop. This way you can monitor the amount of sales you make through a social network.

5. Take online events offline: Platforms such as™ and Eventbrite™ lets you organize meet-ups through people with similar interests. This is a way to add value to your target audience and help gain awareness for your venue. When you sponsor a meet-up, remember to provide branded souvenirs. Have your social media strategist remind everyone that your brand is at the top of the industry knowledge wise. For those who enjoy tweeting, organize a Tweet-up.

6. Want to know how effective these tips are? Make sure your goal (making sales) is met through monitoring the in-house consumers who make purchases. In addition, you also want to measure engagement and fan increases as well.

Design an exclusive coupon that the consumers have to print out and bring in to receive their discount. Create QR codes that they have to show in order to receive a special gift. Write something on your Facebook wall™ that they have to act out in front of the cashier to receive a discount. These are few of the many ideas you can implement through social media avenues.

Make the most out of your platforms, stay consistent, and reach your goals!

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