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July 26, 2017

Behind The Doors Of A Successful Agency






Many people want to have an agency, but do they really have what it takes to be that agency? It takes a strong team that wants the company to be successful. What are the characteristics of that team? How do they collaborate within the culture of the company? All these are a vital part to having a well-rounded agency.


Remember, the CEO does not control the company; the team itself controls the company. Have your team feel like they are a part of something successful, and everyone needs to be in on it to reach the ultimate victory level.


Creating a Team Process


When you are looking to create a team, think about the items you can control in the team-building process, and the things you can’t control. Make a list, and then go back to the things you can control. After you are ready to go after the items you can control, start implementing them one by one.


When it comes to hiring a team, make sure you find out what is important to them as a candidate. What are they mostly dependent on? Find out what they are, and see if you can address them right away.


Also, find out what type of dependencies need to be accomplished before they quit their current job. When you finally hire a candidate, just have them start working, and be mindful of the skills they bring to the table, and the ones they don’t.


Sometimes, during the interview process, people may deceive you into thinking they have certain skills when they really don’t. Great interviewees are not always great workers. Don’t just hire people who are your friends; hire people who have skills and talent. Remember, these are the people who are going to deliver your services to your clients. Do they have what it takes?


Honesty Is The Best Policy            


Not too long ago, I worked with a company where the CEO wasn’t completely upfront and honest with his employees. As a result, the employees always felt their work outcomes were hopeless when they did not always get honest answers upfront to relay to their clientele.


If you are not completely honest, in the ways you provide your services, then you stand the chance at losing out on great clients and employees. This can often times turn around and stab you in the back (“of success”), because the company is not efficient without a reliable CEO.  


When a company is able to be transparent throughout, they will achieve great success in the long run. However, when the CEO begins to create lies and tells his employees all different things, watch the company soon fall apart.


Prove The Best Customer Service


Remember, it is all about your clients and making them feel comfortable and happy with your company. Customer service is much easier to provide these days, than it ever has with the power of social media.


Let your clients know they are free to contact you at anytime on your social media channels, and get back to them promptly. They are there to use your services and expertise, so why not provide the best? When a company is too focused on its projects and not on its customers, they can experience any number of problems.


Of course, being result-driven is a must within any organization. However, treat your customers well, and show them that they can trust you. In the past I have always treated my clients during the holidays and special occasions for their cooperation. It is very rewarding to find out they still believe in this company to this day.


One Who Says They Know Everything Knows Nothing


In every niche there are experts and people who may seem to know everything. However, in a working environment wanting to be right is … wrong.


Try not to act like you know everything when it comes to “workplace politics.” A good friend once said, “I don’t like to work with people who do not work in harmony.” This is an ever-changing society and we can’t take account for the things we don’t know. I am always learning, and so is everyone else. When there is one person who acts like they know everything; they are at great risk of losing everything as well.


Over-Promising & Under-Delivering


Many of the agencies I have worked with implemented this program of over-promising and under-delivering. They just did not seem to get the point that just because they got clients through the door does not mean they are going to be able to keep those clients.


Why even try to get them in the door when you can’t keep them? Is there really anything to gain? No, but there are many things you lose. You lose the time that you spent to gain the client; you lose value to your company; and you lose the client. Does it get worse than that? Well, let’s not go there for now, eh?


This was my two-cents of a successful marketing/advertising agency. If you have any other suggestions please comment below and subscribe to my blog!



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