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July 26, 2017

Best Ways to use SMS for Restaurant/Bar/Nightclub Marketing Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of SMS for Restaurants.  Here I will show you how to build a database of clients so you can send them specials through text messaging

Start by adding a simple form to your website.  Offer a $5 coupon for those that opt-in their cell phone number on your website. My tip is to add a pop-up form that people can add their cell numbers to in order to receive the coupon. Now watch as your website opt-ins increase through this method.

How about offering a contest or a raffle where people have to text a keyword to a dedicated number? For example, I tried using this technique on Father’s Day by raffling off a nice goodie basket for the picked winner who texted “pops” back to the designated number. Everyone who participated received a text notifying them if they won or not. For all the non-winners it is a good idea to offer them a discount on their next visit just for participating in the raffle.

Cross-promotional strategies work best when social media tools are working most efficiently. When you begin cross-promoting different marketing channels between various options you will not only gain traffic to that channel but more people acting upon your promotional texts. For example, say you have an email database of people on Constant Contact and you send them a VIP invite to your event with a promotional offer as well in the invite. Now in order for them to receive the offer they have to text “EMAIL” to a designated number so we know which list they came from and you don’t send the same offer twice to one person. Maximize your results by utilizing your social media channels to the fullest.

Last, segmenting your customers in different lists is paramount. After you receive a database of people it is important to organize them into different categories so you don’t send out the wrong text to the wrong target audience. For example, your having a big Corona party at your restaurant, you don’t want to send a huge text blast to ALL the people in your database because what if they are not the right fit for the event. A grandmother will defiantly not be interested in such an event, however maybe interested in a brunch event for two. Each person is different; therefore it is important to categorize them in the right lists so you don’t end up getting opt-outs in your database.

These ideas should get you started on your way to a great SMS campaign!

Do you have any ideas you wish to share?

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