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June 22, 2017

Best Ways to use SMS for Restaurant/Bar/Nightclub Marketing

SMS has become an income opportunity for several restaurants over the past year.  This practice of texting deals to your phone is not only intriguing, it plays on our spontaneousness.  I want to show you great examples that will help get you motivated about this exciting way to increase awareness of your restaurant, hotel, or night club.

1. Are you having a slow night? Make a special that expires within 4-8 hours. You can text out a FREE appetizer special in the morning for everyone who shows up later in the day. Now send out a text offer next Monday morning at about 10: 30 am when people begin to think about what they will have for lunch, and before they start making decisions for what they are going to do in the evening. Usually you will get a 10% response rate from your blast. As a result, you have turned your empty slow restaurant to a more enthusiastic place with 15-20 people. Even though your place may not be the most crowded, it still is better than the empty restaurant that looks like nothing is happening when people walk by. I know that when I see a crowded restaurant while I am walking it will definitely be more favorable than the one that has no one in it. What are your thoughts?

2. If you are trying to find a creative way to promote your night club, send out a text blast by offering free admission to the place for anyone who shows up at the place with the message before 9 pm. This will make your place look like it is happening, as well as getting people to start utilizing the bar and food early. For example, your promoter tells you that the VIP list has 300 people on it and your place doesn’t usually start happening until 11 pm. Now send out a text offering the free admission to the first 50 people who have the text before 9 pm. You can make your place look like the most happening place in town through text.

3. Say you have food that is going to go bad if you don’t use it within the next day. Let’s say hamburger patties to be more specific, offer these patties for half-price for the first fifteen customers that walk-in into your doors that night and make it the SPECIAL of the evening. First off you will be saving the food from having to throw it out and you will still gain a profit from it. For example, your chef tells you today that your steaks are going to go bad if they are not used within the day. Now this is your queue to send out a text blast and make a promotion for the first people who respond to your discounted steaks. It is important you limit the amount of people who qualify for the promotion, usually the first 10-15 people. In addition, if you have new items on the menu, tell your customers you want their opinion so you will offer them a 50% discount on the item for the first few people who order it.

4. I know we don’t get many of these in San Diego, but if you’re in an area that has rainy days then it is your queue to offer a text blast to your loyal customers. For example, your text alert can say: “IMPORTANT ALERT! As long as you get here before it stops raining, your first appetizer or drink will be free.” Now if you live in a demographic where it rains often, this is not a good idea to implement. If this is the case, it is favorable to use the opposite scenario and say: “As long as the sun is out you can receive your first FREE Mojito on us.” Sometimes you can even have fun with this, and offer a FREE drink if the temperature rises or falls below a certain point.

5. Here is an idea: create a Flash Mob by saying the first 35 people who show up at the announced time and day will receive a free drink. However, they will ONLY receive the offer if a minimum of 35 people show up. Now you’re creating a networking and word-of-mouth scenario that will be forwarded to your customers’ friends to assure that the minimum requirement is fulfilled. In addition to utilize Social Media to its fullest, let them know in the message that your Flash Mob you created will be featured on YouTube and you photographers will add pictures to their Facebook. I find this idea works best if you create a theme for the “mob”. For example, for the person that is best dressed in an 80’s outfit. This creates a fun event that your customers will be talking about for weeks.

In my next blog I will give you some great strategies on how to obtain contacts for your SMS campaign!

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