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July 26, 2017

Blogger Outreach Can Benefits For Your Business


Want to increase the value of your website’s search engine optimization and brand visibility? Then read how using blogger outreach can help you reach your business objectives.
What Can Blogger Outreach do for You?
Recall that when search engines rank the importance of a page next to its competitors, it looks at different metrics. Some of these metrics include the way that your site is coded, how people interact on your website, and off-site. The most important off-site metric is the SEO inbound link (the amount of links that are coming into the page). To search engines when someone is linking to your website, they catch this as a vote for the content that you have. The more “votes” you get through links, for your content—the likelihood it will be ranked higher on the most popular search engines. The links add value, therefore befriend people that will vote for your content, by linking to it. The objective here is to build links to increase the value of your content so it ranks higher on search engines.
Creating and Building Relationships
The next step is to start creating relationships with other bloggers in your industry. There are hundreds of blogs out there, so being organized is important.
·         Build a List
Create an outreach list that includes the blog title, URL, blogger’s name, and contact information. In addition, include notes on previous conversations, important social network information on the blogger and information on their blog. What do you like about their blog? How amiable are they to working with you? This will allow you to find out who your favorite bloggers are.
·         The Search for your target audience:
When you have template of the information you want to collect in your outreach list, it is time to start finding the bloggers. As you become familiar with the online community you will know which blogs you want to continue to work with. Remember, this is a numbers game and patience. The bigger your outreach list is the better the chance for success.
You will want to search for blogs on the most popular networks out there. These include:
Then look at the Blogrolls of the ones you find.
Then check the amount of visitors they are receiving per month. Remember, a good blog receives at least 500 visitors per month. Here are the places to get your metrics:
How to Contact
This is the easiest part of the outreach, if you treat bloggers like they are your friends. Write them short and personable emails that that tailored to them. Do not send a blogger a basic press release—these usually get junked instantly. Send them a personable email that outlines information that interests you. In addition, let them know what you want them to get involved with. If you don’t tell people to do anything, then they won’t. Let the person know what you want them to do. Remember, bloggers need brand contact as much as businesses need bloggers contact. They both work hand-in-hand. For example, brands can give bloggers exclusive access, promotions to gift their readers, and information about upcoming events. The best blogger outreach campaigns help the blogger and the business collaborate together.
Take Home Tips:
Read the blog:
I have seen so many people who just skim over the blogs they want to outreach to. Make sure you check on Postrank to see if the blog is included and if you can read the most popular articles. Usually these articles are the author’s favorite, so can get a clue of what the author is about.
Outreach Template:
Usually the outreach campaign includes emailing at least 20 to 30 bloggers. However, the more bloggers you reach out to, the better. Remember, not everyone is going to respond, so you want to make sure you reach your goal. Always aim for more than you want to catch. Your template must answer: what, who, when, where, and why. This template must be customized for every blogger. Don’t have a canned pitch. Bloggers are not stupid, they can realize that the pitches have been sent to hundreds of other bloggers verbatim. Make sure your pitch makes them feel exclusive. The blogger gains nothing from writing about an event, or promotion that everyone else is writing about.
Now it is the Blogger’s Turn:
The email you sent to the blogger should include who you and why they need to pay attention to what you have to say. Give them the information about your campaign, however, don’t overload them with too much info. Remember the rule of thumb, if the blogger can’t skim through it to get the gist of it, then they won’t read it. Now you have to let the blogger decide if they want to be apart of the campaign. Let them know why you are contacting them. Remember to ask them if they want more information, a review of the free product, or copy. Now this is the key to building the relationship with your blogger, through a conversation. They will now look forward to the next email, and more likely to read longer because they know who it is coming from.
Make sure the information is Important:
Make sure your event is interesting and eccentric for your outreach campaign. This sort of campaign needs to be extremely targeted. Do not plan to outreach unless you want to offer some kind of value to the blogger.
If the blogger decides to write about your campaign, help them out. Supply them with the videos, images, press releases, post ideas. Make it easy for them to write for your product or service.
The blogger outreach campaign helps with search engine optimization, branding and business online reputation. It is an inexpensive approach and a powerful tool that will allow you to receive a competitive advantage. If you want your campaign to be a success remember to outreach the right blogs, keep your pitch short, and add value for your blogger.
What are your thoughts on doing a blogger outreach campaign? 
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