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July 26, 2017

BlueGlass Experience is Unbeatable






#BlueGlassLA covered a variety of different topics and the people I met were golden! I wanted to share with you some of the biggest tips and tricks I learned. First and foremost Brian Clarke of CopyBlogger and BlueGlass are coming out with a new site called: I strongly recommend you check it out!


The first presentation by Greg Boser was about Google’s different patents and how we can stay on top of them by using the site  He went into specific detail about two of them: “Systems and methods for providing search results” (this tool will help us discover what users are doing) and “Agent Rank” (which allows Google to re-write Meta-titles for us). The take home message is: localization, author rank and personalization when it comes to search engine optimization.  In addition remember to put brand names at the end of your Meta titles.


Localization: Google switches up the site links based on your location in the world.


Author Rank: “The name of the writer can be used to influence the ranking of web search results by indicating the writer responsible for a particular content piece.  Assuming that a given writer has a high reputational score representing an established reputation for authoring valuable content, and then additional content authored and signed by that writer will be promoted relative to unsigned content or content from less reputable writers in search results.” (Found in Agent Rank)


Personalization: This involves behavioral search and intent search queries.  For example, if you do a search for ‘hammer’ right now, these are the top results that come up: 1. bowling ball 2. Art museum and 3. A vitamin. If you search for ‘equipment’, then ‘tool’ and then ‘hammer’, you will then find the type of hammer you are looking for. 


This year Google + rolled out and it is an integral part of your SEO strategy. As mentioned above Google takes Author Rank into consideration and also posts Google + articles that are related to the keyword. The title tags don’t really matter when it comes to syndicating your content so let Google do that job for you.  Search Engine Optimization is getting tougher to implement especially for small businesses.


My take: More people are going to use Pay-Per-Click because it is easy. I put in 50 cents and I get a visitor.


Then we saw Jeff Preston’s presentation from the Disney Interactive Group.  This is where I got to learn the difference between (promoted by Google, Bing and Yahoo) and the Open Graph (Facebook, Google and the Meta Tags in the Head).


Open Graph: This basically gives you information about type of page, thumbnail, canonical URL and the title. It also helps link your website to Facebook. When it comes to the search engines, they will easily be able to read the information as well. This may improve the relevance of your website in the eyes of the search engines. It is like a vocabulary that is basically describing your data for you.


Tool: “Good Relations”, this is a structured mark-up for your product.


My Take:  Google is really looking into relevancy which is a great way to check to see if your website is a STAR in the eyes of the search engines!


Then we saw Mark Suster’s presentation about marketing in today’s changing world.


PrWeb       Online           Social

TV               SEM             FB Ads

Print           Display       FB Likes

Radio          SEM/SEO   Twitter

                                           FB Time Line


He recommended that in today’s world a company NEEDS to be metrics driven and test frequently. Then he talked about Facebook ads and how they lose their effectiveness when we create them without intent. When he discussed ‘sponsored stories’ he recommended that they convert well when they are from media-to-media.


He also spoke about promoted tweets and how a celebrity CANNOT make your product. This could be dangerous as you are letting others define YOUR brand.


When it comes to mobile games you can also have an incentivized ad. He showed us a great example using Words with Friends and a sample of which word did you choose. This ad went perfectly with the game.


When it comes to YouTube campaigns you want to measure authentic audience, engaged, youth demographic and have a call-to-action in the video.


The biggest takeaway ads must be integrated, targeted, measurable and personal.


Tool Recommendation: Use to track all your measurements and revenue from advertising.


My Take: Make sure the ads are highly targeted because the more targeted they are the higher your CTR will be!


Then we looked at landing page optimization with Jason Nazar. He talked about the six rules for landing pages.


1. Make sure you don’t have a cluttered landing page and have only ONE goal per page.


2. The headline defines everything. Make sure the headline is actionable, descriptive and simple. He said don’t have it be more than five words.


3. People want to know what is in it for them, this is why it is important not to sell the features but instead talk about the benefits of the product.


4. You probably hear this one ALL the time. Don’t forget your Call-to-Action. What is the next step you want the consumer to take?


5. Provide social proof to back you up. This can be in the form of recommendations, testimonials, having a list of clients you provide for, or even major publications you have been in.


6.  People love things that are ‘risk free’ meaning they won’t lose a thing. Domino’s had their 30 minutes to deliver or you get the pizza FREE. What do you have to lose in that? Nothing!


Here are the sites he recommended:


Enjoy folks! I’m off to lunch but I will be back to blog some more. What do you think of these tips so far? 


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