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June 22, 2017

Celebrity Status SEO Social Media Analytic Tools Worth Knowing


Today, staying updated with the new technology is an essential part of being able to take full advantage of your success with your product or service. As I have already provided you some tips for Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, the prevailing question now is, “How do you know the efficiency of these tools for your business?” I am going to share with you some of the most up-to-date analytic tools you can employ to find out the effectiveness of your campaign.

1. Hootsuite Analytics


Hootsuite has just added Topsey’s most influential people on Twitter to show who mentions you the most and how many times they mention your service or product in a monthly basis. This is your opportunity to reward your most influential people, or to request them to help you promote a contest you are having with their followers. This is how you expand your network. Hootsuite also allows you to enter your Google Analytics so you can determine how many views you are getting on your site via Twitter, Facebook, and all of your other social networks.

2. Ontolo


This takes Link Building to a much higher level. If you desire that your Link Building be done in quickly manner, this site is the proper venue to do it. This will save you tons of time of link analysis. The pricing is reasonable and you will be able to build links faster than ever before.

3. Influencefinder


This link research tool gives you great filtering options with link analysis, which is more favorable than Majestic SEO. Links are the main fuel for Google and this tool will give you the latest analysis about your links. These tools are very valuable for finding links for SEO and the social media sites that are getting links from you. In addition, you can monitor your competition and the sites that are getting the most links and from which social network destinations most of your inbound links are coming.

4. Reinvigorate

This tool facilitates the acquisition of analytic data and lets you determine any site activity as it occurs on your dashboard. This reduces the time for waiting for the results and statistics since all the information is already available here. You can even play around with the “heatfaces” to find your interface and get more traffic. You will have to conduct stat updates for every visitor you get. This tool is an excellent means of getting real-time and fast outcomes. This tool also has a feature called Nametags that helps identify registered users.

5. SocialFlow


This tool works well with Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz as it allows you to deliver content when your target audience will read it. It shows you the best time for every optimal message. In the message, you will have to include your link shortened and the hashtag to see the most receptive results for each message. You can measure CTRS, retweets and followers using this tool. There is a right time and a right place for everything and this tool helps you find it.

6. Twenty-Feet


This is an “egotracker” tool that lets you aggregate Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube all in one place. It enables you to determine when events have occurred to obtain valuable results. Twentyfeet lets you, “Compare your metrics from different services, find interdependencies, and achieve deeper insights.”

7. Trackur


This is a social media monitoring tool that tracks almost any element of content from blogs, RSS feeds, tweets, to video and images. This does not only let you view conversations about your brand but it also permits you to see the increasing and decreasing volume of the conversations about your brand. Now you can be alerted when someone talks unfavorably about your service or product, or there is an extensive publicity in reviews about an important event or contest. This tool also helps users distinguish how influential their site is.

8. PostRank Analytics


If you desire to find out how engaging your content is, this tool is the apt way to do it because it helps you to find out if your strategy is prompting users to take action. This also shows messaging and comments made from other sites, which will all add up to your engagement score. It even maps out engagement activity and the number of page views for your blog and website each day. In addition, you can integrate it with Google Analytics.

9. Google Alerts


This provides you the most up to date information on Google search results. First, select your search term, then determine the type of search results to be tracked (blog, news, video etc). Then type in the frequency of the results and add your email address, and you will instantly get the outcome. This is the easiest way to find out what is being said about your brand and your competition’s brand.

10. Social Mention


This tool aggregates mentions from a real-time search engine which shows results from blogs, micro-blogs, bookmarks, and other social sites. This site also provides a ranking score from all of your social networks. For instance, it shows how frequent the search term is mentioned and how many times is it recognized in a positive or negative way.

11. TechrigySM2


This tool is designed specifically for marketing agencies. You can add up to 5 profiles within this tool and it lets you store up to 1,000 results. There are many features for the set-up and the reports that you can check out.

Now you want to talk ROI via Social Media? Let’s get the analytics correct first. Whether you decide to use one of these tools mentioned above or other tools, such as Collective Intellect, Cymphony, Converseon, ScoutLabs or Radian6, it is paramount to track your social media performance. If you want a strategy that works, use these tools to test your tactics. Make your brand stand out among the rest by starting here.

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