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July 22, 2017

Content Marketing Battle with Chris Brogan and Brian Clark




We started back up again with an interview between Chris Brogan and Brian Clark where they spoke about Building Brand Evangelists and Two-Way Royalty.


1. How do I build an audience? Where do I get started?

Brian Clark: It is easier than ever before to execute your strategy and build an audience. We have total access to other audiences and guest blogging is a great way to get started!

Chris Brogan:  Be an industry expert and OWN the room.


2. What does Content Marketing mean to you?

Brian Clark: Sharing information for a purpose so people will strive to do business with you. If people don’t know you, why would they want to do business with you? “Content is the best kind of advertising you can get!” Content works and it is the future.

Chris Brogan: All media systems give you a way to advertise.  “It used to be that you had to buy into the vehicle and have a relationship.”


3. What’s the right balance between content promotion and sales?

Brian Clark: If your products are relevant to the audience’s need then you should be okay. The most important thing is that you provide the most value that you can.  He says, “Have an audience mentality.”

Chris Brogan: If you are passionate about it, then sell it.  When you have cool people do cool things with your product you will make sales.


4. How do you convince someone to take the risk of content marketing?

Chris Brogan: Only sell to companies that already believe in great content marketing. You can provide these cases studies for those who are harder to sell to.

Brian: You have to get exposure for your stuff, engage and adapt. Start out with an ABUNDANT audience.  “I don’t understand people who don’t want to understand something that works better. We put yourself out there, and the people who get it gravitate to Copyblogger.”


5. How do you capture a person and turn them into an evangelist?

Brian Clark: “Everything I do is designed to get some kind of relationship where there are following me over time.” He encourages people to build lists instead of buying them.  In addition, he said email is not dead; it is still used today to make purchases.

Chris Brogan: You ‘equip’ people so they can succeed. “Email marketing is my number 1 preference.”


6.  You both brought up email marketing. How do I build a list first?

Brian Clark: Initially to build a list you have to over-deliver. The other thing is that you have to get the right type of people on your list.

Chris Brogan: His secret was to include ZERO social media buttons in the email blasts, but only include the forward to a friend button. This way they don’t have many options to choose from.


7.  How do you brainstorm ideas?

Chris Brogan: Think about content 24/7

Brian Clark: You have to constantly be thinking about business in everything you do. You need to build relationships through the value that you offer with your content.  If you are not a writer then hire one because bad keyword content will not work anymore.


Chris Brogan’s thoughts on Google +:  Google + is valuable when it comes to search and creating a better social as well.  Facebook was built by one person, Google + was built by a lot of people who want to make search better.


Tips on improving email marketing conversions:

-Do not use HTML when it comes to email marketing. Try using plain text.

-Stay away from designing it to be an advertisement, remember people want to hear a human voice.

-Try to send them to a landing page so you can track metrics.

-Keep articles limited to 400 words.

-Don’t use a ‘’, make it more personable such as ‘’.

-Your list is valuable; so don’t feel bad if you have to kick people off of it.

-A small list of people is more valuable than a large list of people.

-Lastly, make people feel special.


Tips for social networks:

-Find out where people hangout and go there.

-Different networks require different content so use it wisely.

-Twitter is content distribution focused.


How to find your audience:

-Research (For example, through social networks chocolate milk was able to find out their best customers were runners.)

-Research your competitors and find out what they are doing wrong.

-Identify their weaknesses and opportunities and focus on ways to reach them.

-Analyze your competitor’s back links with Opensite explorer and majestic SEO.

-Examine your competitor’s anchor text.

-Revert to Selena’s great article on competitor research:


This conference is great so far! What do you guys think of these tips? What are your favorite conferences to attend?



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