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July 22, 2017

Digg Pudding

Digg is good for posting press releases or latest news or some new event happening in your business.  Articles that are posted on Digg have a short shelf life, but used in conjunction with other social media avenues can be a powerful source for visitors.  Digg relies on members to post stories or news events.  When I story is posted members can “Digg” the story…its like a vote.  The more a story is dug, the higher its visibility becomes.  If something is dug enough times, it becomes popular and shows up in the top ten of the category selected when the article was submitted.

Digg is about timing.  It is a good idea to submit during peek hours of the day and not late in the evening when everyone sleeps.  Generally stay away from weekend submissions as well.   People read the news during the day.

How can Digg improve your company’s visibility?  This is achieved through combined efforts of other social media networks. Check back with us for more tips on Digg.

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