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July 22, 2017

E-mail Marketing Part 1 of 3: How to Grow your Email Marketing List


Is email marketing dead? Even though there is a lot of noise coming from this platform, it is NOT dead. Email marketing is still effective if you use the proper strategies to build your email list of subscribers. When you have more subscribers on your list, you will be able to reach out to more potential business owners and customers selling them advertising and products respectively.



Now, if you want to get more subscribers, which you do, then follow these strategies:

1. Turn offline prospects into online prospects …

The strategy here is to market to a specific business group or niche you are trying to reach out to. There are two ways of executing this strategy through: (1) space advertisement or (2) direct mail. You can send them to a specific landing page that offers them a reward or your website. Another strategy would be to give them an email address they can reply to in order to get more information. This is their opportunity to join your email distribution list. If you have a sales team that makes calls, tell them to ask the callers if they want to be added to an emailing list to get updates and special offers. 

2. Make your email marketing campaigns sharable …

If you are using email blasts, then encourage the readers to forward the offer or update to their friend, on social bookmarking sites, twitter, facebook, etc. Somewhere in the body of your content mention: “If you enjoyed reading this, then share it with your friends. This is why it is vital to have a link in all your email newsletters that link to a subscribe (to your newsletter) web page. So, when it’s forwarded, subscribing doesn’t become an issue. In addition to the subscribe links add your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social bookmarking sharing links.

3. Use collateral (i.e., postcards, business cards, letters, etc.) to convert people online …

Try sending out a postcard every once in a while and offer a reward if they subscribe to your email list. My favorite incentive is to offer a “FREE 15-Minute Consultation” to qualified prospects who sign-up. Make sure your offer is one they won’t be able to resist. Be sure to add a dollar-value ($) to your free giveaway so people truly value what you're giving away for free. If the offer makes them feel hesitant in any way, then they may not opt-in. Create an offer that will make them say, “Wow, I really don’t have anything to lose, and look what I have to gain!” Again, this means create an offer that has VALUE. Now, whether you are sending them to your website or an opt-in landing page or name squeeze page, make sure they are able to subscribe to your online newsletter successfully.

4. Become the expert in you industry …

If people begin looking to your website for the most updated information in your industry, guess what? You are the EXPERT! This is an easy way to build credibility, reputation and traffic to your website. Start offering: information, tricks and tips that no one else is offering and watch your subscriber list grow! Now, start posting on blogs and forums while providing relevant content, and you also impress hundreds if not thousands of people as an expert. Other ways include blog commenting, participating in question and answer websites, submitting to online publications, and other like directories. When you post, include your email address and a link to your newsletter opt-in subscribing web page.

Tune in for Part 2 of 3 and get even more eMail marketing strategies when I post next! What did you think of this? Did it help? Let me know! 

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