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July 26, 2017

E-mail Marketing Part 2 of 3: How to Grow your Email Marketing List


After reading my eMail Marketing Article Part 1, here is Part 2 (of 3) of this same lesson. Here are even more strategies you can use until you are happy with the returns on your efforts.

5. Using online marketing resources the right way …

Tell-a-friend, affiliate marketing, and lead generation can bring new prospects to your business. Here is a list of my favorite resources:

6. Optimize current communication channels to grow your list …

A. Add a sign-up form on your home page and all other web pages. The key to doing this is to: offer an irresistible incentive (i.e 15 to 30-minute FREE consultation) and add a privacy policy. The privacy policy assures your prospects that their information is safe and you will not sell the e-mail addresses without their authorization. You can even show a print screen of your newsletter to show them what they would be missing out on if they don’t opt-in NOW!

B. At the front desk of your brick 'n' mortar office location make sure you have a name/eMail sign-up sheet (TEMPLATE) on a clip board right by the door as people walk in/out, which prospects can provide you with their name and email address. Offer to enter them in a free drawing or raffle to increase sign-ups.

C. In the email signature you send out, add a link to your e-mail newsletter opt-in page. Tell all the salespeople and customer support to use this as a way to increase your subscriber rate, as they are the ones sending out most of the emails.

D. When you’re at a trade show, again offer to enter folks into a giveaway or contest in exchange for their name and eMail address. Tell your prospects they will also receive your email newsletter with updates and special offers as well.

E. When you send out regular postal mail, make sure you include a small insert, business card, or postcard that encourages people to sign-up for your email newsletters. In addition, offer a discount or a gift for signing up. Want to make it even more exciting? Make it a limited time offer (i.e., "Offer Ends _____.")

F. At the bottom of your billing statements or invoices include a small snippet that tells them to sign-up for your email newsletter and why they should sign up.

G. Do you have a ecommerce website? After the prospect makes a purchase include a sign-up form to you email newsletter on the “Thank You” page.

H. Networking? When you receive business cards ask them if they would like to be entered into your database in order to receive the most updated news and offers.  As you get back to your office, enter them in!

I. On the sign-up form include the frequency of your newsletter, so people know what to expect. You don’t want to spam them right?

J.  On the webpage where people sign-up for the newsletter include: a testimonial from a happy subscriber and links to the relevant articles and information you usually include in the newsletter. This way people KNOW what they are getting before the opt-in. Spam-free is the way to be!

It’s a wrap! What do you think folks? Did this help?


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