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July 22, 2017

E-mail Marketing Part 3 of 3: How to Grow your Email Marketing List

Welcome to Part 3 of 3 in our article series on E-mail Marketing. Now that you are ALMOST an e-mail marketing genius, here are the last few strategies, you don’t want to miss!

7. Using e-mail newsletters in your industry

Want a challenge? Reach out to industry related email newsletters and purchase or trade an advertisement spot in them. In your advertisement, have the people subscribe to your newsletter or go to your website. This is a great way to get your company endorsed. Start searching for online publications or trades in your niche and advertise in them. If you get lucky, sometimes an industry will let you run “solo” ads which will be sent to their subscribers in specific, one-time e-mail blasts. Sometimes this could get a bit expensive, so make sure you do the research. 

8. Try out co-registration vendors

We all know about purchasing or renting lists has a risk involved. How about lists where the people do want to opt-in and receive email offers? Co-registration is the way to go. This means you set-up an agreement between you and another newsletter publisher to cross-promote. This can be a complete trade, so no charge to you.

Now, how does it work?

You would place an advertisement or a description of your newsletter on the “Thank You” page of the person you are cross-promoting with. When a person is subscribing to your partner’s newsletter, that person will also think about subscribing to yours. Then when the subscription is confirmed, the opt-in is set.

If there is a cost it is generally, $.50 cents to $3 for a B2C e-mail address and $10-12 for a B2B email address.

Here is a list of vendors you can reach out to:

9. Using email appending services

What are e-mail appending services? E-mail appending services are for business who seek to get more information in their existing database. For example, if you have the their name and telephone number, but no email address. Then, you would reach out to a third-party service that can get your that information. This will get you updated records of all the e-mail addresses. You can use this for your existing list and former list you have not contacted in awhile. My favorite companies are:

10. Sponsoring events online

Before, event marketing consisted of sports events, trade shows, conferences, or seminars. Now, you can bring this experience online.

A. Sponsor an event for a company or business that is closely related to yours. For example, if you sold chocolate chip cookies, then sponsor an online bake sale or a sweet tooth discussion forum.

B. Sponsor a webinar for a strategic partner and share the leads

C. Look out for product placement opportunities online where you can get free or paid mentions or even exposure for your product or services.

D. Sponsor a nonprofit fundraising event or a online public auction. Donate services by helping other organizations reach their goals. Keep in mind, your good-offerings will not go unnoticed, you might generate new leads from it!

11. Use of cross-promotions and co marketing

Look for companies that have a product or service that can combine with yours. For example, if I were selling cookies again, I would partner up with a milk product because people enjoy those together. It is vital to choose joint venture partners who complement or have a similar reputation to yours. This will create a better sell as you are not only selling your own product/service but your doing it for a friend. Sometimes this is a paid arrangement, other times it is simply a trade. 

Now that you’re an email marketing genius! Do you have any tips for me?

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