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July 22, 2017

Email Marketing Is Not Dead if Used Effectively


Today I want to go over the top email marketing tips with you so you can make the most impact for your ROI through your email marketing campaign. These tips will help you with the:  list building, service provider, design, content, and the analytics.





List Building

Let’s start off with the basics of list building and what you need to know about it. One of the first steps is the most challenging, and that is to build a list. Here are some ways you can start building your own:


Add Opt-In Form to your Blog Posts ~When the readers have finished reading your blog post, they will be able to sign-up for future email updates.


Tweet out your opt-in page~ In order to get traffic to your blog posts, you must use microblogging techniques. It is crucial that you tweet out your opt-in page to your followers, so you can bring traffic to your blog posts.  In addition, you can add a tweet button on your opt-in page so people who like your article can recommend it to others and sign-up. Tweet out your opt-in page during peak times.


 Add a Facebook Share Button~ Don’t forget to add a Facebook Share button on your opt-in box, so your fans can share it with other on this channel.


Submit to RSS Directories~ Submit your RSS URL to RSS directories, the more you send out to, the more exposure you can get for your blog.  Here is a comprehensive list of RSS Directories that will help you reach your goals.


Add a Opt-In Facebook Landing Page~ Create a fan page that will include your opt-in form in it and give your audience an incentive to sign up.

Email Marketing Service provider

We just went over how you can build your list up, but when it comes to service providers, here is what you need to know:


Get Response ~ This platform offers upto 100 free contacts and the sending limit is 500 a month. If you are a non-profit organization, you can receive a 20% discount. They also have a enterprise account for people who use will use this platform often. As of now this platform has over 140,000 users.


      Vertical Response~ This service will allow you to pick a plan that lets you pay-as-you-go or a monthly plan. The plan starts from $10 a month for unlimited service. You can choose from hundreds of pre-designed templates. In fact, they even have a 30-day trial, check them out.


 Mail Chimp ~ You can store upto 1000 suscribers, send upto 6000 newsletters per month for FREE. They also offer a pay-as-you plan for high volume users. They have innovative mobile features such as the: Iphone App, social tools, and geological targeting.


 Constant Contact ~ This is a great provider because it provides you with a 60-day free trial. Also the fee for using this provider is as low as $15 per month to store upto 500 email addresses. The best part is you can choose from over 400 customizable HTML templates, upload your photos and logo. The analytics features include a anti-spam checker, and open and click reports.


Aweber~ You can sign up for the first month for only $1 and after that for $19 a month for a small amount of contacts. The features include: autoresponders, HTML templates, and blog style newsletters.




Design Strategy


Make sure your template has a professional look to it, and think of the design as a piece of real estate that you are using as a foundation to maximize your connections. Plan-text emails are boring, however many people use them. These templates make your newsletters look like everyone elses, so take the chance to make yours unique.


 First, choose your email promotions. Remember, you need to have an attractive and incentive promotion to grab the attention of your audience. Take everything into consideration when deciding on a promotion, such as the profit margins and the current stock level.


  Then, choose a demographic for your promotions. Vertical response lets you enable and track the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign from the number of open emails to the clicks on your website, and even the number of subscribers opting out.


Third,  is the design, and you want to make sure it is eye-catching but yet it there are enough call-to-actions where you are directing your audience to do something. If you do not tell them to do anything, but you have a pretty design, then it will be ineffective.


Fourth, data usage. You can pay a data-house for a list of consumer addresses, pay a company to send you email to their consumers, or us the email addresses of your previous consumers. This is a effective marketing strategy.


Last of all, customer service. Make sure all your customers are dealt with effectively because this will develop your future business. The sales are usually made while service the customer. Remember, a sale should never be pursued. 


This can be anything from the latest blog post or online promotion. The best promotion will make the audience want to click it so make it compelling. Do not forget to place links on your promotions, so your audience know where they need to go. The links can be to your social networks, website, web resources, products and services. Remember, to use images and text, with catchy titles. It is important to include resourceful links and social bookmarking tools.



If you are planning to use Vertical Response or Aweber you will have access to track the effectiveness of your email campaigns, the number of opened and unopened. In addition, you will have the links to the number of subscribers who are opting out. By analyzing the effectiveness of your campaign you will know what to change when you design your strategy next time around.


What are your thoughts on email marketing? Any strategies that you have, that I have not mentioned, please share below

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