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July 22, 2017

Enhance your Dining Experience with OpenTable

How many of us are tired of calling restaurants, in order to reserve a place to sit? How many of us would like to see the dining experience become easier?

OpenTable has become the leading provider of online restaurant reservations. Today it has dined more than three million through its mobile applications. This is a 200 percent increase in the last eight months. An average of $50 per check-in, OpenTable has produced over $150 million for its restaurants. These are the stats, but how does OpenTable function?

This application allows you find and reserve seats at over 13,000 restaurants worldwide through the web or a smart phone. OpenTable is now Facebook friendly as well, so can make reservations and view the menus while browsing through Facebook. When you get started the application will show you a list of restaurants near your area with open seating available. Then you can easily make a reservation through your phone, without being near a computer to do so. This application allows you to “shop” the menus online to see what you are in the mood for. When you have decided your taste, then use the OpenTable link in the directory of participants to reserve. Not only can you book reservations, but it allows you to redeem points for every dining experience.

When you check-in to the restaurant, you will receive an average of 100 points; however you may be rewarded bonus points if you dine at certain times of the day at specific restaurants. Sometimes restaurants may decide not to give points if they are at their busiest times. You need a minimum of 2,000 points to redeem a Dining Cheque, which will allow you to use it at any restaurant provided by OpenTable. The equivalences of the dining points follows: 2000 points is $20, $5000 points is $50, and 10,000 points is $100. Now you can dine at your convenience, and earn points at the same time.

This application is free to use, and it saves the user time while showing the menus of all the places to dines. Recently, OpenTable received a “map-it” function, where it locates the restaurant as well.

If you’re ready for an easy, enjoyable, and convenient dining experience, choose OpenTable.

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