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July 22, 2017

Entrepreneurship: Do you think you have what it takes to make the cut?



According to Wikipedia, an entrepreneur is:

“One who undertakes innovations, finance and business acumen in an effort to transform innovations into economic goods”. This may result in new organizations or may be part of revitalizing mature organizations in response to a perceived opportunity. The most obvious form of entrepreneurship is that of starting new businesses (referred as Startup Company).”


Wikipedia makes it clear that these are the traits needed to make someone who is ordinary into someone who is extraordinary. When one steps out of their comfort zone and fails their way to success they have taken the challenged themselves to become extraordinary people in business. Entrepreneurs are not born, instead they are people who simply have a mindset that’s geared towards growth  and are unwilling to give up. Studies have shown certain traits and characteristics are needed to make them successful business leaders.  Entrepreneurs do not simply give up and here is why:


1.   Determined to be Independent: As I was growing up, I have always had the tendency to do things on my own, because I felt it was the fastest way to get things done. I would hate to borrow anything and believed everything should be earned. I never wanted to leave my future in the hands of anyone. As an independent thinker, I was often isolated from the “crowd”. Entitlement has never been in my scope of view, because there is always room for improvement. Then as I entered college I got a “job” at a large marketing agency and I dreaded the days that I was being bossed around and looked over all the time. I am most creative when I can freely think, which means not being stuck in a cubicle routine five days a week. I felt like I was imprisoned and there had to be a way out no matter how highly-placed I was in the company. After I left there, I was committed to work hard to accomplish one thing—freedom!  


2.   Planned Goals: When you have a list of milestones you want to reach, then you  have pushed yourself already as an entrepreneur. This shows that there is organization involved to achieve the goal. As an entrepreneur you must think systematically how you  will utilize the resources you have prepared to meet your milestones.


3.   Visionary: A dream without a system or vision will not take an entrepreneur anywhere. Whether it is for short, middle, or long term,  a vision is required to eventually reach success. A vision is a guide through the obstacles that one must go through in order to reach the end point. Don’t get lost on the road to success and have a vision.


4.   Self-Confidence: Like they say the business world is a dog-eat-dog world. It is very competitive, and one MUST believe that they have the capability to make it, no matter what anyone says. I actually love it when people down talk to me because it provides fuel for me to work even harder! Let me tell you from experience, that disappointments and failures will always be there, so you must have the ability to turn them around into something positive and keep going. When one has self-confidence, he or she will not take these tough times personally, because in business it is all about negotiations and perseverance. These will help you decide if you have the confidence and the courage to become an entrepreneur, no matter what type of adversity you have to tackle to get to your enterprise.  


5.   Honesty and Humility: An entrepreneur excels when his/her business is clean and nothing is over-promised, under-delivered. This will determine whether you can make long-lasting relationships which are an integral part of the business world. One must maintain humble and honest relationships with their employees, consumers, investors, and business partners.


6.   Creative: Like I mentioned before, I am most creative when I am free-thinking. This means that I don’t allow myself do the same routine. Since competition is endless, innovative ideas must always be present to stay ahead of your completion. If you are able to find new ways to solve problems and explore new ventures then you are cut to be an entrepreneur. Some of the good traits of the best entrepreneurs include being curious, highly-flexible thinker, and inquisitive. They are able to observe very well, and pick up on trends and find ways to make these as new business opportunities for them.


7.   Hard Work and Persistence: I have always been told I have a great work ethics. Remember, there are no short-cuts in life and if someone is trying to sell you on the idea that there are, they are after your money. I have always had the confidence to start over again, if something were to happen. Why? Simply because I worked myself from ground-up so the capability of me doing it again is already there. When you resist to give up and keep continuing, just believe that you will attain success. Take a moment to re-evaluate your work ethics? Are you just talking or are you also walking the talk?



8.   Commitment and dedication: When an entrepreneur fails for the first time, they also realize they have to keep going. They have the drive and the urge to accomplish a certain goal and have their eye on it. They are the kind of people who will look past all the distractions coming across them and focus on the prize. I look at my business like it’s my child and in order to keep it I have to constantly nurture and take care of it. This is why commitment is a vital trait to have has an entrepreneur.


9.   Values Leisure:  Time management is key. An entrepreneur knows he or she  has to work hard, that is why when they have free time they value it greatly. Leisure time is highly valuable to an entrepreneur. This give them time to relax and refresh their mind before going back to business.



10.    Risk-Lover: An entrepreneur knows that failures are inevitable, so when they have success in their mind they are never afraid to look at the risks. Entrepreneurs run on faith and are aware that new business ideas don’t always start successfully. They know that they must work hard and put effort into what they want to accomplish in order to accomplish it.

After carefully looking through these, can you consider yourself a successful entrepreneur? If you have the qualities I mentioned above, then you will succeed in the business world. Nothing is ever promised though, so keep your faith switched on and never give up! 

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