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July 26, 2017

Facebook Applications: Using Them to Interact With Your Audience

Facebook fan pages are a necessity for any business: without one, it’s almost like your business doesn’t exist. Fan pages increase your search rankings, build your brand, get you customer loyalty, and in the long term bring more traffic your way.

Now that you have a fan page I’m going to talk about how you can integrate applications in it for a unique touch and feel. Because face it, if all fan pages looked the same they would bore everybody.

How can you increase interaction and engagement on your page? Grab a cup of coffee because this post is going to be a long one. Enjoy!

1. The FAQ Page


Want to share all the unique things about your business? You can now with an easy-to-make FAQ page—you can set it up without using any HTML at all. Just make sure you click on “Save Changes” after every FAQ or else it’ll be erased. If you want to delete something, just click the blue X.

The Frequently Asked Questions page allows you to explain what your brand is all about and to answer questions typically asked by your target audience. With it, you won’t have to answer the same question over and over; you can just answer it once and direct subsequent queries to this tab.

2. The Folio Tab


Any photographers, models, or designers out there? Do you want to showcase your talent on Facebook? Do it with the Folio tab. It has a clean interface and is a great way to embed your work without using any Static FBML. Upload pictures to Facebook first. Then, in the settings, choose which photo album you want to display in this tab.

Don’t hide the talent any longer; show Facebook what you’re made of with the Folio Tab!

3. Constant Contact—Join My List


Are you trying to build your database through Facebook fans? Don’t worry about how you can transfer your fans to your database, let Constant Contact—an emailing and list-building service—do the work.

All your contacts via the fan page will now be directed to your database. And if you can’t come up with a customized opt-in form, worry no longer: you can use Constant Contact to take you there. Just make sure you assign your emails to a list when setting up this device. Then publish a shout-out, or hold promotions so everyone knows about the tab. Too bad MailChimp and Aweber don’t have this application yet…

4. Promotional Apps


Wildfire and Sweepstakes have some great applications for increasing your fan base and allowing interaction. They’re some of the best ways to build your brand and gain exposure, and the only downside is that they’re not free: the length of your campaign determines the cost, with the basic package for this service costing $5.

If you’re unsure you want to use this application but want to search for ideas visit:

5. Viddler


Want to record and upload videos without having to leave Facebook at all? YouTube is getting highly competitive these days, so now there’s Viddler. Why not use it to gain exposure?

Viddler users can easily view and comment on videos. What’s more, Viddler event-imports your channel.

6. YouTube Channels


Now you can import your entire YouTube Channel to your Facebook page.

It allows commenting, provides sharing options for your visitors, and can be customized with your own banner. In addition, you can showcase your other videos. The only downside is that it’s $4.99 a month for the Fan Page, but it’s free for the personal page (though without the banner option). You can also go to and choose the YouTube tab at no cost. However, this won’t come with the commenting system.

Promote your business on your personal account with YouTube Channels!

7. The Flickr Tab


This is a great application because it imports your entire Flickr account to your Facebook page. It enables you to view the photos through tags, and even share your most interesting pictures with your fans.

The payment for this is $10 a year or $20 for three years. If you want to use this application for free, you can find it on Involver.

8. Involver


I’ve mentioned Involver when using Flickr and YouTube, but you can use it for other applications as well; you can use it for slides, PDFs, polls, and promotion galleries.

If you’re not bothered by the brand name on the side tab then you’re good to go with Involver. They offer premium services for those who want to erase the brand name from their tabs and take them to another level with sign-up forms and coupons.

9. The Portfolio Tab


This tab allows you to put your Twitter, YouTube, Blog, Yelp, and Flickr under one Facebook tab. It almost forms a mini-website for you. (You’ll have to authorize each tab individually before you can merge them together.)

This isn’t a free service, but it’s worth not having to add all the extra tabs to your page and well-worth being able to customize them in one place.

10. Clobby


This chatroom app is for your personal and fan pages—so you can communicate with your fans instantly. Clobby helps avoid clogging up other people’s streams or putting continuous posts on their walls. You can even use it as a customer service line to talk and interact with your audience.

11. Your Linked-In Profile


Are you searching for a job? Recruiters are using Facebook to find potential employees. It’s important to keep your Linked-In profile crisp so you can show off your skills and talents to employers.

12. My Page List


If you have multiple fan pages and want to show them all to your fans, you can add the pages to Page Lists without using any Static FBML at all. This lets you to join all your pages into one tab. Fans who like your page can view all the other pages selectively as well.

Make sure you save your settings so you don’t lose anything. Also, if you want to add another listing then click ‘Add to Page’.

13. Vype Live Broadcaster


This application allows you to create live shows for millions of Facebook users, giving you the opportunity to make new fans and interact with existing ones.

You can record the show and promote to fans via the ‘Show’ tab. This works for your personal Facebook page too. All you have to do is get your microphone and speaker ready—and you’re good to go!

14. The Menu Tab


If you’re a restaurant owner and want to display your delicious bits, this is the application for you. You can add mouth-watering pictures of your dishes as well as your phone number for deliveries. It’s a great way to get your target market in the door.

15. Networked Blogs


Want to import your blog to your fan page? You can do this with Networked Blogs, and updated posts will automatically show up on your wall. You won’t have to go through the hassle of manually posting blog posts. Plus, you can share other people’s blogs on the fan page feed.

16. Nutshell Mail


This management tool monitors all your social network activities and emails you the summary.

You can update statuses and share comments within the email. What’s more, you can also create an automatic email newsletter for your fans to subscribe to, and the newsletter will show the latest updates and activities on the fan page.

17. SlideShare


Want to show off your slideshow presentation with style? Add the SlideShare app so you don’t have to manually add slide shows every time. You can import all your slide shows to your Facebook page.

I hope you’re not overwhelmed by all these applications—you might have to read them over a few times to choose the ones you really want. If you’ve used any of these applications before, I’d love for you to share your success stories below. I’m all about making your life easier.

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