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July 26, 2017

Facebook Engagement and How To Avoid Failure


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After working with hundreds of different clients I have found it difficult to come up with creative status update ideas. I decided to write them all out and share them with our readers, how nice of me right? Here are Facebookengagement strategies you can use for your business if you want to have a successful marketing campaign.


First and foremost, set up the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds within Google Reader. You will need to sign up for it. Then, go back to Google and search by using your keywords to find the best content that is out there. I like to use Google Trends to find the trending topics within my niche. I write about them as quickly as possible. Since they are trending Google will index them which is called temporal algorithms.


Anyway, back to the Google Reader, now that you have signed up get the links to the blogs you have found. These links are the RSS Feeds. Syndicate them within the Reader so you will be able to post the most inspirational content as your status. This can include blog posts, funny videos, websites, events, news, articles and quotes. These are great content strategies for your updates. I know many of my clients usually just repost stories but instead of doing that I suggest they spark conversations. Ask them questions or tell a funny joke. Get creative here!


Secret Tip #1: Do not ‘automate’ your posts from Twitter to Facebook from your blog. These are two different networks with two different styles of posting. Post effectively by reformatting each post that goes on each network.


Secret Tip #2: Instead of reposting, reformat it to include a trivia question from the article. People are bored easily nowadays and they want something exciting. How about asking a trivia question where they have to go into the article to find the answer. They will love this!

Here is an example from a vaccine article:

Jonas Stalk was famous for inventing _________________ vaccine.


Secret Tip #3: Ask them to “Like” your status. I do this all the time with my clients.

Here is an example for Fiesta de Reyes:

“What is the definition of good Mexican food? ‘It should start and end with a smile.’

-William Sokolin Here at Fiesta de Reyes…you know that will be the case :) Click “Like” if you agree!”

Now, is this a cool status update or what?  This is a great way to increase your engagement levels quickly!


Secret Tip #4: Invite controversy. I consider myself pretty different from everyone else so I ALWAYS have people engaging on my Facebook page. When you get controversial and are not afraid of negative feedback you will spread the word fast.

For example:

Jonas Salk was famous for inventing the __________________ vaccine. Press “Like” if you know the answer. Would you consider vaccination or no? Why or why not?


Secret Tip #5: Get inside the mind of your target audience. Find out personal information about them. Go about it in a way that is fun for them and you get to know more about them.

For example:

My dream job as I was growing up was__________________________.


Secret Tip #6: Engage your audience using an article.

For example, I created a list of books for a client and added them to an article. I said: “If you find your favorite book on this list click ‘Like’ now!” Then I asked, “What is your favorite book and why?” This gets your fan base more involved.


Secret Tip #7: Invite them to take part in a special cause.

For example, “Click ‘Like’ if you think reading is a great way to promote literacy. Please promote literacy by sharing this list with your friends.”

This technique will increase your shares and ‘Likes’ faster.


Secret Tip #8: Facebook knows that creating questions is a great way to increase engagement, so what did they do? They have added the “Questions” feature on every page. Why aren’t people making use of this? It is a great way to specifically ask your fans what they think of your brand!


Secret Tip #9: Facebook is almost an escape for people nowadays. They use it to escape from what they have going on in their lives. Why not make them feel good then, right?

An example of this could be: “Press ‘Like’ if you love your kids.”


Secret Tip #10: Now say there was an event coming up and you wanted to promote it in the best way you can. How would you go about doing this? Where is the event at? I did this for one of my clients and it worked well.

An example would be: “Click ‘Like’ if you have EVER been to Belmont Park.”

People love trying different places so ask them if they have been there before.


Secret Tip #11: This one catches my eye EVERYTIME. It is Sprinkle Free Cupcake Offers. These offers are too good to resist, click ‘Like’ if you agree! Okay just kidding on that one. As you probably know by now, FREE incentives are greatly appreciated. I love how Sprinkle’s is able to create a flash mob effect with their marketing.

For example, “The first 50 people to come down and whisper ‘make my day’ get a FREE cupcake.” No wonder this place always looks busy.  Try this one out and let me know the outcome.


Did I miss any secrets? If I did can you please fill me in.


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