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July 22, 2017

Facebook Search Tools for PR Purposes and 5 New Platforms










Facebook search tools are used to find your target audience. These are also the best way to find trending topics to talk about. In addition, because I get straight to the point on this post, I am going to introduce 5 of the newest, best platforms for the week. Let’s get straight to the point, so you can go forward with marketing your business to the fullest:

1. Same Point– This includes a social search for all of the major networks (Linked-In included). In addition, it provides sentiment analysis. It isn’t one of my favorites, but it is handy.  

2. 48ers – This is a tool that lets you search by keyword and platform. For example: any mentions on Facebook will show up in the search results. Great tool for measuring! The channels included in this platform are: Facebook, Linked-In, Buzz, Digg, and Delicious.

3. Greplin – This social search tool is similar to 48ers and it is very handy for planning and measuring purposes. Especially if you want to see mentions, comments, and niche topics.

4. Archived Book– This is a great tool for personal purposes rather than professional purposes. This tool allows you view your complete wall comment history in chronological order. You can even view your friend’s history.

5.  Bing Social – This tool rarely used because this can only connect you through Facebook Data. However, the shared links option is a great way to see what is hot in real-time.

6.  Digital Inspiration– This is a great Facebook tool to use if you are making a fan page and trying to figure out if your vanity URL is available or not.

7.  Your Open Book– The original intention of this tool was to show how easily accessible your status updates could be. This is a great tool for marketers and communicators as well. You can start by typing in a keyword, and then you can choose to split by males or females. Then, eureka…you‘ve got the results! 

8. Kurrently– This is a tool that I used before 48ers. It is not one of my biggest favorites, however, it is pretty handy for real-time searches. Give it a try.

9.  Face Pinch – This is a real-time Facebook Search engine that provides insights on trending topics, popular likes and real-time results.  

10. Folowen– This tool is just for Facebook but it includes other social platforms as well. Give it a look and see if you are interested. It allows you to search for properties related to a particular person or organization.    

11. Blekko– This is a nice alternative to Google, especially if you want to narrow your search results by preferences.

12.  Joongel– This is great tool to break the search down by every channel/platform you can think of. 

Bonus Platforms:


Personalized foursquare with Ushahidi? Ushahidi is a tool known for reporting people’s locations during crisis. This week they made this tool ‘open source’ so you can create a location-based social network of your own. Take advantage of this tool!

LinkedIn TodayThis is the social news product for professionals, according to TechCrunch. This tool delivers top stories from your industry to one page. My page, for instance, is filled with news on Social Media.

WePay Giving – This tool is PayPal for charities and the best part is that it can be set up within minutes.

Get chatting with Yobongo.comThis is being talked about as the breakthrough application for SXSW 2011. This app puts you in touch with people through a location-based mobile chat.

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