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July 22, 2017

Fast and Furious Ways to Drive Facebook “Likes” and Engagement










As Facebook makes changes, it is becoming paramount to know the right way to bring in traffic and engage with your target audience. If your fan page is not that engaging and growing, I have some tips that you may want to add to your social media plan to reach your objectives.

1.  Partner Discounts: As we see more group deals, it is becoming apparent that your target audience wants an incentive to join your page. Team up with a cause partner who wants to give coupons or discounts to your fans. For example, Pacific San Diego Magazine explains this phenomenon perfectly. They offer coupons to various places around San Diego for answering their questions correctly. They have taken the time to team up with several places around San Diego in order to cross-promote and combine audiences together.  

2.  Free Downloads: If you have something FREE to offer then this will help drive more “likes”. For example, if you are a Cancer support organization, offer a free recipe eBook that has cancer-fighting meals. If you are a media coach, why not offer a FREE downloadable report, like my favorite client: Gayl Murphy.

3. Behind the Scenes: People love to crack secrets and find the answers to mysteries. If you are a restaurant why not show pictures of behind the scenes in the kitchen? This is what will build trust with your target audience, and increase the word of mouth marketing at the same time. If they see that you have a clean kitchen and everything is made fresh, they are more likely to come to “experience” the restaurant. Stop hiding the secrets from your loyal customers and show them how clean and friendly your staff is!

           4. The Landing Page is Real Estate: When you create a custom tab using iFrames it will give your potential fan a clear picture of what your brand is about. Think of your custom tab as a piece of real estate and you are trying to explain your brand with it. This is the piece that your potential fan will see and they will know exactly what your business does. Make sure you help your potential fans understand your brand using this custom real estate.

        5. Valuable Content: Besides discounts, why else would a fan want to “like” your page? They want exclusive content that they can’t find anywhere else. They want to learn something from your page. Can you offer them exclusive content? This can be in the form of articles, videos, podcasts, and radio shows.

        6. Support: Create a fan page where you encourage your fans to help each out. This is a golden opportunity to drive “likes” because this will provide exclusive content on your page that you don’t have to find. You will conduct a page with a bunch of experts who will post their content and advertise themselves while you benefit from it. Now is that golden or what?

           7.  Promises are key: Make a promise to your fans in order to gain fans. For example, you will donate $25,000 to the cancer society if you are able to reach 25,000 fans by a certain date. Does this ring a bell? If so, make a promise to your fans! 

            8.  The Power of the Avatar: Use your avatar as a piece of real estate that will provide an offering to your fans., like what Community TechKnowledge is doing  with their $10,000 grant. In addition, you can use your avatar to promote the fan of the week. Let your fans feel the gratification for their participation and loyalty on your page.

            9.  Include them in something BIG: People always want to feel accepted, as they are apart of something. Include them in your message. For example, the World Wildlife Fund says: “‘Like’ our page so you can start protecting nature”. 

       10. The Reveal Tab: This is a great way to provide exclusive content. This tab will only reveal “fan-only” content after the person likes the page. If you want to consider this for your fan page, please contact me J

We went through some fast paced strategies to increase the number of likes on your page, now lets get into talking engagement. What are some ways to increase engagement? My favorite tactic is asking questions, and remember your fans don’t like homework. If they have to spend time trying to understand the question, then you have failed the task and you might want to reconsider the question.  Here are the types of questions you want to ask:

1. Be specific: Ask specific questions because your fans are not interested in homework.  For example, if you ask your fans what can we do to cut down carbon emissions, you will receive answers from your biggest fans. Then again, your other fans will skip the item and move onto the next one. However, if you ask them what do you recommend for car insurance, they are more likely to answer because it is specific. Get specific, know the answer before you ask. 

2. The Yes or No Questions: People like things at convenience nowadays, they are more likely to answer yes or no questions than open-ended questions, so don’t make a complicated. If you want more engagement then ask yes or no questions.

3. Timing questions: When you ask questions that relate to the holidays or certain promotional days, your audience is likely to engage. For example, ask your audience if they are traveling or staying home for the holidays?

4.  The edgy questions: Ask your audience extreme questions that will get them engaging. For example, Green Peace showcases awesome examples of this. They ask questions such as, “Do you live near a nuclear plant?”

5.  The “True or False” questions: When you ask these types of questions remember to begin the question with “true” or “false”, so the members of your audience knows how to answer it. The simpler it is the more likely they will answer it.

6. Photo Questions: When you share a photo, ask your fans if they can kindly comment on it. For example, you can post a picture and play a game by asking, “What is missing in this picture?” This will get your fans to participate. In addition, you can even ask them to find something specific in the picture, like in the finding Waldo book collection. Get creative with this one!

7. Poll Questions: Facebook has a new “Questions” feature which allows users to create polls on your page. This will allow them to create more awareness on  your page than going through a post. Think polls and start using them.

8. Fun Questions: Everyone needs a little fun in their lives. This is why it is okay to get off topic once in a while to establish a more human connection with your fans. This will help your fans relate to you and not make you sound like a robot. For example, “ What did you miss the most when you were young?” The take home message is to use fun questions to establish a human connection.

9. Direct Questions: This is a great way to drive engagement if your fan page is new or it has not been active for awhile. Getting responses from fans will be difficult in this case. If that is what happening, you then start asking questions to your fans directly by tagging them in the post. Trust me and you will get a response if you let them know that they might be able to offer great value and insight on a specific conversation you are having on your page. 

10. Preference Questions: Multiple choice questions are always fun. For example, ask them if they enjoy chocolate or vanilla? These can also be fun questions. They can also help you receive feedback on improvements you need to make in the future. 

11. Event Questions: When you have an upcoming event, ask your fans who will be attending. This event doesn’t even have to be your event, it can be any event, you can ask your fans if they are attending. In addition, to the question, post a link to your Facebook event. 

12. After Event Questions: If you have held an event already,  then you can target an update to the attendees of the event. Ask the attendees to share their impression of the event. This will get responses from the main fans, but this will also give a chance to your other friends to join in on the conversation.

13. Tip Questions: If your organization works with families then these types of questions will work perfect for you. Ask for tips on how you can get your kids out of bed sooner. This will leverage shared experiences among your fans on facebook.

14. Humanistic Questions: If you deal with disease or syndrome then these questions will be perfect for your organization. You can post questions, such as “When were you diagnosed with cancer, and what gave you the most hope to move through your situation?”

15.  Fill in the blank questions: This is a great way to make your facebook fans work less.  Remember to begin the question with “Fill in the blank:” Your fans will more likely want to answer the question if they know what’s expected of them. In addition, it is specific enough because everyone knows how fill-in-the-blank questions work.

16. Pay attention:  People skills 101 is a great guide to help you acknowledge your fans when they answer questions. Remember, when your fans answer questions, comment back and deepen the conversation.

That is all for this post folks, do you have any tips for me? Share below: 

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