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July 22, 2017

Five Overlooked Tools to Influence Your Audience

How do you gain an influence on your target audience in a competitive nation? Social Media offers several publishing tools that distribute information to your target audience from small businesses to fortune 500 companies. For example, how many newsletters do you receive on regular day?I am guessing more than you have time to read. However, there are some people who take the time to read each and every newsletter because it is valuable information for them. Therefore, email is the easiest way to reach your target audience. Today I am going to share with you details on how your business can publish, manage and distribute content. Some of the top tools include: Constant Contact, Knol, SlideShare, TypePad, and Wikia.

Constant Contact is a social media tool that allows users to stay connected with their target audience via emails and surveys. The email tracking and reporting devices allows the user to track their email marketing campaign and help businesses determine their audience’s interest and what kind of content they need to generate. The survey tracking gives businesses’ a chance to find the needs of their target audience in order to target their campaign efficiently. This service allows businesses to: “connect with their audience, build relationships and drive
success” ( This service provides businesses with management tools to “create professional looking e-mail newsletters and insightful online surveys”. This tool provides users with different templates, e-mail wizard to create an email marketing campaign,
survey Wizard to create effective surveys, interactive polls and archive features. This tool provides a way for the user to create their own look and feel for their business, including a way to upload their logo to create brand recognition. Constant contact is used by: nonprofits, businesses, recreations and entertainment firms, professional and personal service providers,

retail outlets, tourist and travel organizations, restaurants, and religious organizations. For example, the Fajita Grill used constant contact to build a customer base and effectively market specials. 6 Degrees Networking uses Constant Contact to update their target audience with the latest event information and deals that maneuver their marketing campaign. If you’re looking  for a way to expand your audience, interact with your audience, and then be able to track your marketing campaign, then Constant Contact is for you.

Knol, is a place for authors to publish their knowledge on subjects that interest them or various different subjects. This site is separated into subjects, and each subject can have many authors and authorities at different levels. Google wanted to help people share their knowledge and stand as a resource for seekers. Google says, “ There are millions of people who possess useful knowledge that they would love to share, and there are billions of people who can benefit from it. We believe many do not share that knowledge today simply because it is not easy enough to do that.” Knol allows authors to submit comments and questions, contribute, and rate, edit or review the content. Also the author can chose whether they want ads on their content or not as well. People with Google accounts can contribute to publishing on this website. Users can find information by entering the topic in the search, and then it will give you all the content in the subject you searched for. If you have information that could be valuable to other than it
should be made public with this platform.

SlideShare is a community sharing presentations in PowerPoint, PDF, or Open Office. Every can search for different presentations depending on their interest. These presentations can be embedded, downloaded, or tagged so they can fit within your blog or website. Another feature allows users to join groups based on their interest. You can decide whether your presentation is shared or kept privately. In order to make your presentation unique you can add: audio, market an event, join other groups of people who have the same interest as you and share ideas. A feature called “Slidecast” lets you add podcasting to your presentation. When running a business, presentations and organization is paramount. In addition, being able to share your work with another creates an advantage for you and the community. This allows your target audience to learn more about your product or service from anywhere in the world.

Typepad is a hosted blogging service that allows people to publish, update, and share information on the web. Businesses can utilize this service to create a personal element about themselves that reaches out to their target audience, and then they can take the reader behind the scenes of their business or service. Another way businesses can take advantage of Typepad is by networking and developing new leads for their business. Users of this service include: CNN and Celebrity Baby Blog. Typepad can also increase your search rankings and delivers a huge impact on your target audience. If you’re a business and you want to reach your target audience in a personal way, this service is for you.

Wikia, is a way to share information that is community based with generalized topics. In addition, the information is less formal and could even be categorized as entertainment. Some of the topics in the Wikia include: sports, health, comics, performance and art, and philosophy. Therefore, Wikia is more personal and less on the academic/professional side of the spectrum. Applications that work will with this tool include: RSS2Wiki, GoogleMaps, YouTube, and Flickr. Googlemaps can be inserted in a Wikia page, blogs and other websites can be used as feeds for the page, Youtube videos can be embedded into the Wikia page to enhance the content, and photos can be embedded into the page as well. This will give businesses the opportunity to be listed or affiliated with topics. For example, one of the topics on there is “Special FX”, one of the sub-topics for this is “Cosmetics”, under that is “Alcohol activated make-up”. In this topic are the names of the companies that feature this make-up to the film industry. This provides a reference
for your business or service, and an advertisement that can lead you to potential consumers for your business.

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