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July 26, 2017

Flipboard: Is it the Next Big thing?

The Flipboard has been trending amongst Ipad users today, because it aggregates nine of your favorite social network sources, and takes the links from the content on the sites and presents the content to you in an easy-to-read magazine layout. Now the question is, how does it work?

The first time you open this free app, you are given nine place holders, that you can use to create personalized sections of your magazine. A few of these sections will already contain content so you can see how Flipboard magazine works. You can add sections, remove sections, and rearrange them to the way you want to read them with more than 60 different resources. In addition, you can add your Twitter and Facebook to your Flipboard and view the newsfeed in a magazine form or simply add the newsfeed of your favorite Tweeps.

After you add the desired sections, they will display with a photo from the article, a line of text and author. When you click on the picture it will open that section of the magazine, so you can flip through the recent posts of the magazine. This is different from a simple RSS feed because it grabs the content each post links to so you can view it in an easy-to-read magazine form. For example, your friend just posted a bunch of pictures from her recent wedding; Flipboard displays them all in a media magazine form. Now say you really enjoy reading your friend’s Twitter posts, and it links to an article or video on the Web. Well, now you can view the video that it linked to and read the article, without opening another screen. If you want to see where the article came from, then you would simply click “Read-on”. The experience is simple and seamless for the user vs. the manual use of a feed runner. The only downfall is that there are only nine sections you can have with over 60 resources.

This gives the opportunity to businesses to give value to their target audience by pushing out the latest information and interesting happenings in their industry. If your content is interesting enough people are likely to follow it on this app. But there are only nine sections, which makes value-added content paramount. Great content ideas include: articles, videos, pictures, how-to’s, blog posts, events, locations and offers. I gave you the tools so now it’s upto you to choose the best ones for your industry.

What do you think of the Flipboard? Is it an application that will last or not? Share below.

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