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July 26, 2017

Gain Exposure Through Tweet-ups

What is a tweet-up? Twitter-meet up is designed for a group of people who have similar interests on twitter to meet up in person. This social event allows like-minded people to connect and share their ideas in the industry. Tweet-ups can be used as a strategic way to gain exposure for your business.

Tweet-Up Essentials:

Place: When choosing a location, it is best to find a place that has wifi so your users can check-in at the location through Foursquare. In addition, when they collaborate they can show each other websites and other useful information.

Theme: It is important to have an industry related goal or objective for your tweet-up. For example, for people interested in burrito tasting, your theme can be #burritoup. When setting up your theme it is a perk to have a speaker attend your tweet-up so it will draw more buzz to your tweet-up.

Make a Hashtag: When you hashtag the event, people can promote their thoughts of the event through twitter. It also allows people to see, review, and share information they learned at the event. In order to hashtag your event all you have to do is #nameofevent.

Once you have these three things, you can look through your twitter lists and search for people who may be interested in joining your tweet-up. You can use social networks such as: Meet-up, Amiando, Tweetvite, and Eventbrite to organize your event and the details. Then using micro-blogging techniques you can promote it on Twitter as well.

Now the day of the Tweet-up comes, it is important you arrive early. A strategic way to build your database is to collect business cards of all the people who check-in to your event. When they check-in give them a name tag so they can meet and greet until everyone arrives.  It is always a perk to provide food for the people who attend your event. A good way to provide food and beverages for your guest is to find a sponsor for your event. Another idea is to have a projector and set it up to VisibleTweets, so everyone can see what people are saying about the event with the event hashtag real-time. When you organize your event, it would be nice to have a photographer or videographer so you can promote your event on social networks. Towards the end of the event, it would be nice to offer giveaways and prizes for the people who came. This can be as simple as a tweet-up t shirt or a movie prize. At the end of the event, every guest should receive a handout on feedback of the tweet-up and future tweet-up dates.

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