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July 22, 2017

Get the Inside Scoop on: Blogging Giveaways, SEO, and Backlinks







When you first start blogging, you should have your own objectives. You can do this with the following guidelines:

          Figure out how you are going to get people to read your content

     Figure out what you are going to regularly write about

           Figure out how to you will be able to profit from your efforts.

When you have accomplished these objectives, start narrowing each of these objectives into sub-objective to improve the blog’s daily performance. Remember to keep an eye on your statistics and reading rate on each of your posts because this will tell you what to write about more often. For example, maybe you will see the traffic increase every time you write about a specific subject, or even the Adsense placements that are leading to better click rates. My challenge to you is to explore every advantage you can have to make your blog worth your time and investment. Most bloggers use SEO tactics to increase the performance and the traffic to their site. One way to accomplish this is through link building. I believe if you are reciprocal linking, it will pay off. In addition, if you are reciprocal linking in bulk as a building strategy, it will help you secure quality search engine rankings as well. Moreover, one-way links are even better. If you can try to get a collection of one-way links from sites that generate a lot of traffic (you can check via Remember to use creativity to convince other bloggers to talk about your site and link to it. One of the easiest ways of accomplishing this is through contests that give an incentive to encourage other bloggers to get involved. Just think about it, if contests didn’t benefit websites with more traffic, better search rankings, RSS subscribers then bloggers wouldn’t use them as link bait in order to welcome new people to their blog.

Write down these four points when hosting a contest:

      Remember to use the contest for link building and offer a prize but make sure the prize is not money. Paying for links is risky, especially when you are trying to increase your search rankings.

      Make the value of the prize greater than or equivalent to the amount of work involved. For instance, a blogger is not going to take the time to link to you if the prize is less than $50.

           Request contextual links in a new blog post over blogroll or even advertisements with text links. A lot of bloggers tend to add or remove blogroll links or even take ads or widgets off their site. If you request a contextual link, you will get the most valuable type of link for SEO purposes, and decrease the chance of losing the link after the contest is over.

      Don’t forget to track your contest. In other words, make sure to keep a track of the amount of links placed or site referrals.



Now let’s switch gears to backlinks. For your business to be successful you need to generate traffic to your website and blog. Keyword anchored backlinks to your site are the most important factor in order for you to generate and increase website traffic.  How can you get a large amount of backlinks to your site? Let’s talk about it.


Top Commentators:

Top Commentators is a famous WordPress plugin. This plugin acquires a list of the top 7 to 10 people who have the highest amount of approved comments on the blog. This list will be placed on all pages of the blog. One example of this is having a social media blog with over 300 posts and being in the list of top commentators. This means that your link will be up on all 300 pages of that social media blog. This is a simple method to get a lot of backlinks. For maximum benefit, choose a blog with a large number of posts. It is important to know how to properly comment on the posts to be successful as well. Remember if the comment is useful to the blog owner, then it has a chance to get published. Do not spam in the comments section of the blog post.


WordPress Themes=Backlinks:

I would recommend that you hire a credible graphic designer to create a new quality word press theme. After the theme is designed then add your website link with anchor text in the footer of the theme. In this way, your theme is ready to be distributed and spread around for free. Due to high quality of your theme, it will be picked and used by a large number of bloggers with your website link in the footer. How cool is that? As a result, your website link will be up on a large number of websites from so little time and so little effort.



Guest Blogging is the Answer:

If you have first hand knowledge about your industry and other people notice that, then they will welcome you to become a guest blogger of their blog. This is a phenomenal way to get high PR backlinks to your website without too much effort. Also it allows you to build a community within your networks fairly easily. Remember, take the opportunity to be a guest blogger when you can. This will help you receive many backlinks!


I am open to more suggestions from you. Which tips can you recommend to my online community? Please share it below.




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