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July 26, 2017

Google Tools that Every Business Ought to know About








Google is starting to come up with new tools to help businesses enhance their marketing campaigns and tactics. Even though these tools are brand new, a business should take the opportunity to start using them to create headway and maximize results.

1.        Google +1 (social button for the website)

Facebook came up with their “like” button, and other networks started coming up with their share button. This gave Google the idea to add the +1 button to their search results, Google products (Youtube, Shopping search, Blogger, etc.) , and your personal website as well.

2.        What Do you Love

Want to really personalize your search? Here is a quick and easy way to do so with Google. Just type in your favorite interest or subject and leave the rest up to Google.

3.        Google +

This is another huge social network, similar to Facebook. There are several ways to connect with others including: groups, chats, etc.  The features include: circles (categorize people by what they mean to you and create separate networks for each), sparks (this feature delivers content from the internet to help you build a buzz with your connections), hangouts (take your connections from online to offline for face-to-face connection), and location (you can add any location and picture to any post).

4.        Google Web Fonts V2

Want to replace headlines using more creative fonts? This tool gives webmasters the chance to switch out boring headlines and add in new FREE fonts.

5.        Get more insights from your social networks

People are starting to use JavaScripts in order to track Google +1 usage within the analytics. This was very difficult to use and was not insightful. Now Google launched Google +1 tracking as well as social network tracking like: Facebook, Twitter, etc. However, you may have to add extra coding. 

6.        Google Offers

This is similar to Groupon deals. If you have a business, you may want to take advantage of this because they are Groupon’s biggest competitor. Deals within in Google have more credibility than another site.

7.        Guest Postings

Use HTML5 microformats to show that you are the author of postings (articles) on different websites across the web. How is this done? The meta tag and the Google profile your website is connected to will make it apparent to content creator in the search results and throughout the web. Check out the link for more information on this. This will come to great use if you are a regular guest blogger.

8.        PostRank (Monitoring tool)

Want to know what the influence is on your blog post? This is a great tool for monitoring social media impact, as well as blogging. You don’t even need extra coding. All you have to do is verify your social media accounts and add your URL. Social media is all about being able to monitor your results. If you are not tracking your results, then social media is not useful for you.

9.        Google Swiffy: Get rid of the flash!

This is a great tool to convert flash files into HTML5. This is great because flash is old news and not search engine friendly so if you want to maintain content on the modern web the optimized way, then this is your solution!  

10.      Google + Mobile= GOLD

If Google is supporting mobile landing pages, then you know mobile is huge. Google sites have added mobile options to make your website mobile friendly. Businesses who want to be found on the web need to take advantage of this option, so it is easier for the target audience to find them.


What do you think of these new products? Useful or useless? Comment below. 

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