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July 26, 2017

Guerilla Marketing Methods Saved my Business!


guerilla marketing



From my experience there have been many times where I wasn’t exactly doing great. I knew the tactics I was using were not ‘fit’ for the new economy. I had to put a spin on my marketing strategy. I use to be able to charge my clients up to $6,000 for their marketing campaigns, and with the new economy, I saw this gradually decrease. Why? Well, it wasn’t only because the market was becoming more saturated; I needed to try something new. I surely didn’t want to lower my prices, so what could I use? Guerilla marketing it is! I loved how Guerilla Marketing entailed thinking ‘outside of the box’. The only down side was that there was thinking involved and your time, but on the bright side, no cash. Check out my favorite tactics below!


1. The ‘Value’ Factor: As I mentioned before, I never wanted to lower the prices of my campaign because that means I am lowering the value of my work. How could I turn this around without lowering my prices? Then the light bulb went off and I said: “I could just give them MORE VALUE in return.” What does this really entail? You can host an event every year just for your loyal customers, or you can even buy them things based on their preferences. For example, when I was trying to close a deal with a client, I knew that he LOVED steak. So what did I do? I made reservations at Ruth Chris Steakhouse and treated him the day before he signed the contract. This is what relationship building is all about! Think about it, I didn’t lower my prices, but the value of having a NEW client is worth MORE than a Ruth Chris dinner. If it isn’t then you need to check your prices because you may be selling yourself a little on the short-side. Other ideas include having FREE training for your clients so they get educated on what you actually do for them. When they are educated, they are able to trust more. The takeaway: keep the value high, and don’t lower your prices.

2.  The Tracker: I have always had a problem staying organized, so it is important to have that ‘go to’ person that is able to streamline everyone’s efforts. When you are preparing for a campaign make sure you are tracking metrics. This person will create a calendar that will track all events and their outcomes. From these results you will be able to tell which tactics worked and which did not.

3. Speaking: I absolutely love this tactic! You can’t go wrong with FREE public speaking. One time I contacted the La Jolla Chamber of Commerce to see if I can speak at their event about Social Media Influencers for FREE and they were excited to take my offer! Why? Well, usually they have to pay speakers to teach a crowd, but my offer was free. I knew I would get value from the crowd and I would sell my products and services, so why not? Also, it does not cost me a penny to speak, just my time. This is a great way to get exposure and new clients for your business. Try it out!

4. Books: As they say, authors have a way of bringing the truth to the surface. My first book, Watch Out Ladies, took the life out of me, but it was an accomplishment! This accomplishment not only gives me respect as an expert in my field, but also gives my clients another reason to work with me! Let me warn you: this one is a time-consuming tactic, and if you have what it takes to write a book, you are a winner and an expert! Do you have what it takes?

5. The Raving Reviews: There are ‘text’ reviews, but the best reviews include video and podcasting. I was noticing that just letting my reviews sit there on my site was really not doing anything. Then I decided to integrate my reviews into ALL my materials I used. This increased the value of my marketing and sales materials by 1000%! Why? Well, people buy from who they trust and they usually trust the word-of-mouth from others (reviews).

Did our tips help answer your questions about Guerilla Marketing? What do you think?




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