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June 22, 2017

Hotels and Social Media Strategies

Are you a hotel owner who is struggling to keep up with the latest social media happenings?  This article will answer all the questions you have about the connection between social media and hotels. Hotels can utilize social media to get real-time feedback from customers, interact with customers from all over the world at one place, and provide specials to encourage customers to book a stay.

How can you retain positive reviews from your customers? When they check-in encourage your customers to register on or and right a review for your place once they check out. Then at the end of all guest satisfaction surveys in the rooms, add a place where it says to review your hotel online. For every positive response, it is paramount to thank your customer via email or mail attaching a link for them to rate your hotel on TripAdvisor. Remember everytime a guest compliments on your faculty or place it is important to encourage them to review you online. Another strategy is to customize a landing page on your hotel network to display your social networks, this way when your customers upload the internet, your social media links are the first ones they see. Now that you have your links set up, lets make sure you are able to use your social networks effectively.

I am going to use Facebook as my example, since it is the most favorable social network at the time. First, it is important to create a profile as a hotel owner, manager, or even staff so people are able to contact you. Then when you get enough contacts you can post an event on facebook, which will allow your hotel to gain more awareness. You can even offer a discount code for people who RSVP on Facebook so you can generate more attention to bring in more guests. Once you started interacting with your target audience, you can engage with them through pictures and videos of your hotel. For example, you can shoot funny clever commercials and post them to interact with your audience. Another example, hold a photo-sharing contest on Facebook that will allow your target audience to participate. This can be from best pictures at the hotel to the funniest picture. Another strategy is to use news articles from the press about your hotel and display them on Facebook. People always like to read testimonials and nominations so make sure you display them. Now create a facebook group where you can offer your guests a place to talk about your brand and what it is all about. After establishing a group makes sure to provide enough value so others join at the click of a button through word-of-mouth. After you have a group page, a profile page, it is time to set up a fan page to display special offers, happenings in the area, talk about attractions, or even direct them to book a room on your website using FBML. Fanpages allow you to add different applications to engage with your audience, such as: polls, youtube video, foursquare, blogs, and many more! When you have completely set up your facebook, start linking it to twitter, and use twitter as a micro-blogging service or a concierge to accommodate your guests.

So whether you encourage a guest to review your place or ask travel bloggers to write about you, the objective is to expand your online presence to improve and maintain your reputation. If you utilize the correct social media tools then your hotel goals will be achievable.

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