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June 22, 2017

How Does LinkedIn Advertising Help Generate Leads?



Advertising, on popular social networks is becoming the best way to generate leads. We always hear about how great Facebook advertising is when it comes to generating to fans and converting them into paying customers. It seems like LinkedIn advertising has been a social networking hidden secret. Many of our clients do not realize how LinkedIn advertising help generate leads, so we want to give you some tips and tricks on how you can use this tool to your advantage.

First, let’s talk about why most people decide to use LinkedIn. Most people use LinkedIn for business purposes, whether they want to stay in touch with their former employer or colleague from school. They also use LinkedIn as a way to connect with experts in their industry. This can help them become well-rounded experts or perhaps a leader in their industry. When you connect with others in your industry you’re able to be viewed as a “connector” or a leader, so never look at competition like it’s a bad thing. Instead, turn your competition into a community where you can learn from each other. Another reason you may want to use LinkedIn is so that you can join groups and stay up to date with industry news. We join groups to share our content with them. As an agency, we have joined up to 50 groups and every time we have a new blog post or article to share, we publish it using LinkedIn groups.  By doing this, you can research other companies by following them or even search for skills and connect with others that way! Other ways people use LinkedIn are when searching for a job. Therefore it is a great source for prospecting.

Now that we discussed why most people use LinkedIn, which one of these leads to sales? The answer is none of them do, they are just all the ways of networking and building relationships. This is where LinkedIn ads come in.

Tip 1: Finding Your Target Audience

One of the ways we find our target audience is by utilizing LinkedIn Signal. This is a great tool for learning about the people you are trying to target. First, I type my keyword in to the search and then I observe the conversations happening around that keyword. This is going to help me create an ad with a compelling headline. The headline is everything when it comes it the ad. We always ask a question for the ads we use for our clients. Questions have seemed to give us the biggest return. We also make sure the picture on the ad is a close-up and it is a person, not the company logo. Do not use the company logo that is a big NO NO! You have 25 characters to use so use them wisely. LinkedIn signal creates a call-to-action for your ad. One thing we avoid is hard selling. Instead, we create a call-to-action that entails free consultation, presentations, free trials, etc.

Tip 2: Choosing the Perfect Image

The image size for LinkedIn ads is 50×50 pixels. We have already mentioned that you shouldn’t use company logos in your ad. This why we suggest using a close-up picture of something that represents your company and is appealing at the same time!

Tip 3: Get Right to the Point

Unfortunately LinkedIn advertising is not like Facebook advertising where you have a lot of room to express your description. This is more of a direct and straightforward type of ad. This is why the wording is everything when it comes to your ad. Also, make sure the punctuation is correct on your ad. Remember these are business people and they don’t want to work with someone who can’t get his or her punctuation correct. There are companies that also run consistent ads. One failure of companies using consistent ads is that they forget to switch it up when it comes to testing. This is a vital part when it comes to the success of your ad. Remember, the network average is about .025 percent CTR. If your ad is not performing above average, then switch it up. We suggest switching it up at least twice a month.

Tip 4: Run More Than One Ad

LinkedIn Best Practices suggests you should use two ads running at the same time and I totally agree with this. When you carry this out, you will be able to choose which ad is working for you and which one isn’t. Remember not to deceive or lie in your ad. Also, do not use inappropriate language in your ad. If you are not permitted to use certain trademarks, then don’t use them. In our client’s ads, always make sure they are giving away a free offer in both of them to see which one was more effective. Another tip we recommend is to try to create urgency. Let them know they are able to use the ad by a certain date.

Tip 5: Targeting Group Members

On Facebook we already know that we can target other groups.  On LinkedIn you can target by group as well. This is the easiest way to get the most accurate CTR for your campaign. Check out the Group Directory so you can decide which groups you want to use based on your niche. We usually segment our campaigns by the job function or company we are trying to target, this gives us a larger CTR. The better and targeted the ad is, the better the conversions are. Do not waste your clicks!

We hope you enjoyed these LinkedIn Ad tips! Did we miss anything? If we did please comment below!

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