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July 26, 2017

How Online Marketing Giveaways Can Open Big Doors



In my years of online marketing consulting I have learned that my freebies were what made me different from my competition. In addition, it was the freebies that opened the BIG doors for me in most cases. While giving away free items I have seen the impact it has made on my brand and on me as a person. I want to share with you the different items I was able to give away which opened BIG doors for me. 


Advising during Network Meetings:


I love how online marketing has worked for my clients and my own business. This is what motivates me to share advice with anyone who has a running website or is interested in creating one. My online and offline campaign success encourages me to want to share tips and tricks when I am out and about. As I am sharing, I don’t expect to get paid. I think of it as a way to practice my own expertise and an avenue to help people expose their passions and talents. Everyone has dreams about ‘making it’ when it comes to marketing of any kind. If I let them pick my brain I will be able to walk away knowing that I helped someone get ahead in the marketing arena, and who knows I may also get a referral from it. In fact, I have seen that most of my business has come from referrals. 

Blog Interviews and Opportunities:


I have participated in many blog interviews and these were all free. Free meaning free exposure for me and it gives the bloggers a different topic to express on their blog. The further they reach the better exposure for them. Most of these interviews were in written form. This is better for SEO because you can bold the keywords transcribed. There were a few instances where I presented video and seminar interviews. The hardest part of this process is approaching different blogs and seeing if they are interested in interviewing with you.  I suggest you use Alltop, PopUrls and Technorati to search for blogs. 

Lunch Time is the Best Sale Time:

There used to be many times where I wasn’t able to make the sale. So what did I do? I found out what the CEO’s favorite type of food was and made a reservation at the restaurant in town just to talk about their company’s marketing initiatives. I asked if they were able to meet their marketing initiatives this year. Most of the time I would get a no answer from them. Then we spoke about their current strategies, and I would generically analyze them in my head. I have had so many lunch meetings with people to meet on a personal level and discuss different online marketing tactics they can implement on their own. Unexpectedly, they would give me a call and tell me they referred me to a couple of their friends. Guess what? Their friends would then call me and we would set-up another lunch meeting. I would discuss different ideas with them and I would be hired on a project. 


Your Time is the Best Online Marketing Giveaways!

After the lunch meeting here is how I proceed:

Step 1: I would send them a recap of what we discussed and I would ask if they needed help with anything else.  Then I would give them a few recommendations on what they can implement in the future to improve their marketing initiatives.

Step 2: After I send the email, I would give them a call a couple days later. I would ask them if they were interested in an online marketing campaign that would help them establish a presence on the web. I would also talk about future trends and what they should watch out for when it comes to online marketing. I would let them talk about their business and all they were doing. This call would be about half an hour long. In this time, I would let them do most of the talking about their business. 

Step 3: I would have another meeting with them to go over any other last minute items before I start delivering what I had proposed. This is a great meeting to have to know that you and the client are on the same page with the project. Then I would have another follow-up meeting a week later to let them know what has been delivered. This is a great way to reinforce the relationship between the two of you. Also, it gives you a chance to work out any kinks if necessary. Who knows, after you look through their game plan some things may need some adjusting and attention. This is a great meeting to have if you want to look at the items that may need to be re-strategized and looked at from a different point of view.

Marketing Audits are the Best Online Marketing Giveaways!

I have to tell you, this is the secret sauce that most prospects want. They need a reason to work with you, so why don’t you give them one? This not only helps your in-house staff and company learn different things but it also helps your client see what they are doing wrong. Perhaps you can show them different techniques and strategies that they could be utilizing which would save them their wallets! 


As an online marketer, I advise you to use these strategies to your advantage in order to gain new clients. If you aren’t giving away anything you are of no value to them. You have to give to get!


If you have any questions please comment below! Did I miss anything?


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