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July 26, 2017

How To Create An ROI On Twitter


Twitter is like a rapid messaging service, and it is great way to find influencers to promote your brand. We always get clients asking what the point of Twitter is and how will it make them money. What most clients don’t know is that they can use Twitter advertising to increase their ROI. Now that the social network has incorporated target promoted tweets, it makes creating an ROI on Twitter more feasible. There are four different types of advertising paths you can take on the platform. We are going to go in depth on each of them to help you make your decision. After all, we all want to generate an ROI on Twitter and not just waste time creating posts and messages.

Here are the best ways to go about Twitter advertising:

Promoted trends allow you come up with your own #hashtag or topic to tweet about. Users will be more inclined to promote you when they see your promoted trend. Do you notice how Twitter highlights the top ten topics? When you get your keyword on that top ten list you are able to bring a tremendous amount of awareness to your brand. The only downside of this type of advertising is that it can be pretty expensive.  If you are a small business, we recommend sticking to the promoted accounts and promoted tweets.

ROI on Twitter

Promoted accounts are actually not that expensive and they work great for small businesses. Imagine if your account showed up under the “Who to Follow” section of a user’s profile. This is a great way to build up your organic following as well as bring exposure to your brand. The best part about it is that it can be geographically targeted at the country level. Twitter has a great way of connecting your profile with those who have similar interests as you. This allows you to get targeted and engaged followers in your network. Our favorite thing to do is separate the community into lists by interests and then arrange different tweet-ups. We have seen great success with tweet-ups using #hashtags and tweet-vite to invite them. Sometimes we create a TweetChat just to follow-up with our community and make sure we are still in touch. After all, it’s more about relationship marketing isn’t it?

ROI on Twitter

Promoted Tweets are another tactic small businesses can utilize because they are usually between $1.75 to $4 per engagement. This means that if someone retweets, favorites, follows you or clicks on the link you will get charged. However, the charge is small so it should not empty your wallet. From our experience, it is a great way to maximize the use of Twitter because we were able to connect with hundreds of people based on our client’s target and demographic/geo-graphic. Sure, you can pay to get hundreds of followers but you can only use Twitter advertising to get targeted, engaged followers. Those are the types of followers you need in order to build a community around your product/service. If your business is ready to start bringing in a measurable ROI with Twitter then click here.ROI on Twitter

The last advertising tactic you can use with Twitter is to enhance your profile. This does not necessarily guarantee exposure, but it is a great way of making your company stand out from your competition. This is also more of an enterprise deal, since it is not exactly inexpensive to go this route. You can be expected to pay a few thousand to get this page set-up. Basically, you will be allowed to add a header that is 835×90, you will be able to promote a tweet to the top of the page and, if you have a video/picture to upload, then it will be expanded within your tweet timeline. Take a look at the example below. Do you see how the video has been expanded within the profile? You can do the same, but it will cost you major bucks!

We hope you enjoyed these Twitter advertising tactics. Now start strategizing to help your brand get some exposure. If you have any questions or feedback please comment below. Otherwise, do use a BIG favor and SUBSCRIBE to our blog!


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