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July 26, 2017

How to Increase Sales Using Microsites





A microsite is a mini-website that caters to a specific niche or type of product. Microsites are used as a customer engagement vehicle by way of new product launches, single-product promotional campaigns, and contests. They are great tools for short-term awareness campaigns. As a result, the microsite may provide great returns because they have the tendency to rank well with the major search engines; however, there may be times where the microsite can actually take away from the objective of the main website. Which lends the question, why would you really want to compete with yourself? If your website is going great, with tons of content, and high rankings then you don’t want to jeopardize this effect by using a microsite. In addition, microsites require a lot of resources for on-going maintenance and optimization.


Now say that you have expertise in a certain topic and you quickly want to take authoritative action on that topic, microsites can help you reach that goal. Why? Microsites allow you to insert keywords in the URL of the microsite, and as a result optimize for search engine rankings.


Question you should ask yourself before making a microsite:

1.      Will I be competing with my other website if I decide to build a microsite?

2.      Is this site going to help me reach me long–term goals or short-term goals?

3.      What am I trying to promote on the microsite? What am I promoting on my main website? What are my objectives? Do I want to rank for niche terms?

4.      What kind of content will I add to this microsite? Will it be unique and interesting, so it is not duplicated with my other sites?

5.      Do I have resources to optimize this microsite? Do I have the resources to maintain my microsite?


We have decided whether you need a microsite or not. Now let’s decide what you will be using the microsite for:

1.      We can use the microsites for new products/solution promotions

2.      If you are having an upcoming event, a microsite combined with social media would be a great way to promote it

3.      Thinking about launching a viral marketing campaign? Then use a microsite!

4.      Want to leverage a keyword rich URL? Then help your SEO and by using a microsite

5.      Microsites help build external links to your main site as well


Again, microsites work best for short-term. If you are looking for something long-term, then use your main site and use microsites just for promotion. Remember, microsites should incentivize your target audience to want to take action. For this reason, having a target audience along with a clear, concise message is paramount.


Want to know if your microsite is effective? A great way to find out is using A/B testing. Check the results before and after your campaign of the site visitors, lead generation,  and maintaining the microsite.


What everyone ought to know about marketing with microsites:


1.      Details: Be clear and concise about what you are offering. In fact, make it exclusive and have a home (microsite) for it so people know what you are offering.

2.      Clear Path: When you put focus on a certain idea it makes a perfect call to action. You have to tell people to do something, in order for them to do it. A microcite will clearly communicate this idea without the distractions from the other products. This way your customers will get what they need, fast.

3.      Branding: Microsites will allow you to help you build the uniqueness part of your brand and help you promote it to a new niche at the same time!

4.      Fast and Quick: Microsites can be made quickly, so these serve as perfect landing pages for promoting events.

5.      Email Campaign: Want to leverage your email campaign? Track your conversions of your email campaign by adding a microsite.

6.      Attracts Audiences: Want to avoid having a large bounce rate? Then use a microsite to gain the attention of your target audience.

7.      SEO is not going away: Remember, a microsite has its own URL which can be used to add ranking importantance through SEO tactics.

8.      Footprint Increase: As you make more microsites, you are increasing the size of your company’s footprint. What does this mean? Higher search rankings, and increased organic search marketing results.

9.      Guessing and checking: A/B marketing is required in order to find which microsites are effective and which are useless. Which messages are working? Which messages are ineffective?



1.      Microsites make it easier to find out where your traffic is coming from. When you use a microsite with a direct mail campaign or a pay-per-click campaign, it is most effective.

2.      Nike has microsites for specific sports: baseball, football, soccer, running, basketball, and tennis. These sites are attracting customers based on their apparel for the sport. These microsites are serving as the top of the sales funnel, this is the first contact the prospect has with your brand.

3.      Visitors are searching for great content, if they like what they see, then they will take the next step. Ask yourself, would I buy from this microsite? Ask yourself  this question without being biased.

4.      Microsites have larger conversions than regular landing pages because they include a more personalized experience.

5.      Marketers can use the data from their microsites to segment their audience.

6.      Specific content does create more leads: When you make a microsite, know that your visitors have found you because they were looking for something specific. These are highly qualified customers, now it is upto you to convert them into loyal customers. You can do this by providing valuable information, coming across as a leader for your industry, and collaborating with other service providers in your industry.

7.      Imagine, if you were to dominate the search results, then you can ultimately drive more business to your product/service, and microsites allow you to have this authoritative presence and increase your rankings.


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