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July 26, 2017

How-to Increase Traffic to Your Website








Are there other ways you can maximize your reach other than SEO? There are a number of ways to do this, and I will go through each of them below:

Purchasing Ad Spots: When you purchase banner ads or other ads on relevant websites, you will be bringing traffic to your own website. Make sure the ad is creative enough to click on it and go through your sales funnel. Check the traffic on the other sites before you agree to this. You can use to check the traffic on each of the other sites.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising: When someone is browsing on Google and your ad pops up, you will be charged per click on it. This works by paying Google for advertising the ad copy you chose. When you use this make sure your keyword research is thorough. In addition make sure you are not paying too much for your key phrases, or it will cost you an arm and a leg.      

Buy Email Lists: There are platforms out there that are selling email lists that are relevant to your industry. This will give you awareness you want right away. When you purchase an email list make sure that your list is legit and includes addresses who are actually interested in what you have to offer them. In addition, if the email addresses are not valid then the emails will bounce, so you want to make sure that the email addresses are valid.

Social Media: Promote a giveaway on Facebook or Twitter, and provide the readers an incentive to share by “Liking” or “Tweeting” what you are trying to promote. Now when the user does this, you will be able to spread the word about your business as well as finding a whole new audience you did not even think you had. The best part of social media is that it is free and always available like Facebook and Twitter, so anyone can join and utilize it. I believe that what people don’t understand about social media is that it is a relationship building activity. This is not something you can do once and leave. In order to build genuine relationships, it requires time and involvement.  


The above are all alternative methods to SEO. You can use these methods differently to achieve the kind of traffic you want to your website or blog. Don’t forget, all of these require time and money, and of course effort from you part. Now the question is which method will you use? This depends on your goals.



When you are first starting it may be difficult to capture traffic. I recommend utilizing PPC Marketing to get the word out there. You will have to use capital in order to do this but in the end it is all worth it. It’s like spending a dollar for a click and making $3. 

Now, let’s get into the second part of this article where I discuss that SEO is not everything. Even though SEO does lead to organic, long-term traffic it is not the only way to get mass traffic. The other way is social media, which is time consuming, yet it is free!

Give Your Unique Visitors a Reason to become Residents of your website:

Do you have a “call to action” on your site that is allowing your visitors to stay longer? You can have something that allows them to download FREE materials, download an e-book, read case studies, watch videos, listen to podcasts, read your blog. There are tons of other creative ideas you can use to make your customers stay longer. For example, at the end of every blog post you can have related materials for further reading to give them a wealth of information, so they return regularly.

 The Power of Social Proof:

What is social proof? Think of social proof as your credibility (in real life this would be your diploma, fancy cars, and other assets). Online your social proof is your: Klout score, “badges”, Twitter Followers and Facebook Fans. “Badges” are rewards earned for having a great blog, AdAge Rank, Blog Rank and other forms of credibility. When someone sees a lot of posts, testimonials, comments, and awards they know the blog is highly recognized for something. Even product reviews and ratings are other ways to increase your social proof. Remember, for product reviews make sure the person can type in their: age, name, gender and location to make the review more credible. When users can connect to one another through demographics, it becomes more credible.

Instant Gratification:

When people receive the products they want fast, they are instantly happy. This means you will have to reduce the process or fields to make the purchase. For example, if I have to register to comment on a blog, I would defiantly skip out on commenting on the blog. This may require too much of my time and I just want to opt-out. Another study showed that people would be happy getting $5 now or $40 later. Most of them picked the $5 at the moment, because it “fired up” the emotional aspect of the brain. Try to use the word “instantly”, “now”, or “immediately” within your content and headlines.  

 Power of Using Scarcity:

As you make something limited the value of it will increase. As you don’t have something that you want, that is the time you will want it even more. This tells you that you should make your product limited, or give it a limited time they have to make the purchase. People feel good when they have something that is rare, and not common. Why? It means more to them.

Prioritize Your Call-to-Actions:

When you are trying to decide which call-to-actions to use, make sure you put the most important ones first, and then follow the rest. For example, if you are using the right side of your website for your call-to-actions, then know that the top-right side is a blind spot to your audience. One time I was offering a free coupon on the top-right and wondering why no one was utilizing it. Then I found out, it must a blind spot, lesson learned! Now I learned to highlight all my offers and make sure I place them in places they are visible. 

How to address your visitors:

When you are talking to your visitors, make sure you are using the word “You”. This is your community, so it is okay to use slang here. When you communicate with your prospects, it is important to find out what they need and not just promote yourself. 

 Create Attractiveness through Similarity:

When people can associate themselves with other people it creates influence. For example, the attractive person in the Pepsi commercial makes you want to jump out of your seat and buy a Pepsi. Attractive people have the power to entice others to take action. If people can relate to other people within your website and see similarity then they will more likely take action. Have human faces, to create attractiveness!

You Gotta Give to Gain:

When you are giving away “free stuff” on your website, you are creating influence. For example, if you are trying to get your audience to fill out a survey form, then provide them with other useful information they can gain from to do this. They will be able to share more happily if you do this for them.

 Commitment is Gold:

Making the sale is only the first step of the process. How about keeping the sale? This is why you have to try and make your customers make a commitment to you and your services. Also, think innovatively to drive traffic by allowing your customers to: download, register, or even sign something. This will allow you to gain loyal customers, instead of those people who just want to increase your bounce rate. Even if you state something on your website, it will increase the recognition for your brand. Try to do this regularly. Get visitors to comment on your blog, take polls and surveys regularly, or even interact with you.


Now I know this is a long article, but really, did I forget something? Let me know: 

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