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July 26, 2017

How to leverage from YouTube – Part 1














If you are not using YouTube to make money, then you are missing out on a good opportunity . Today I am going to go over some strategic ways by which you can leverage from YouTube. As of now you probably are thinking, how the heck can a video monetize and get me leads? I got the answers so read on, with a cup of joe that is.

YouTube adds a twist to Social Media


SEO on Google: When you search on Google, you have probably seen the YouTube videos that come up. These videos usually show up in the first page of the search engine results. This is what Google calls Universal Search (Google displays images, news stories, videos, along with its standard results). Even though there is another content that can show up, remember that YouTube was bought by Google, so videos are more favorable in the search results. Eye-tracking studies show that eyes have the tendency to lean towards visual images, rather than text.  Now you have the chance to be on page 1 of the search results. Are you going to take this chance?

List-building: Prospects can find you through YouTube videos, even if they are small clips. When you upload videos, you are consequently opening the doors to receive massive amount of web traffic. You have the chance to have your YouTube videos be found through sharable, YouTube links, embedded players, and even through related videos via YouTube.  

Want FREE traffic? You got it!: YouTube passed Yahoo as the second largest search engine, after registering 2.6 billion searches in August of 2008. The pattern with these searches usually go: Keyword from Google + YouTube= Successful search! For example: “basketball YouTube” or “squash recipes YouTube”. You have to realize that no matter what industry you are in, there will always be ways to make videos. People are looking on YouTube to make purchases. Do you have a presence?

Help your videos go Viral: Even though there are many video sites out there, YouTube has the largest share of the market. Over 40 percent of all videos are watched on YouTube, what does this tell you about the rest of the sites? In addition, YouTube receives over 100,000 million unique viewers each month, and that is only in the U.S! For the current statistics on YouTube visit: and search for the most recent press release on video content site statistics. Remember, it is not just YouTube and Google from which people find your content, viewers can share interesting via sharable links, embedded players, and even the “related videos” through YouTube. Don’t forget to optimize your video correctly and watch your exposure soar!

        Make your Message available: Access is key, so make your message available in all the social media tools available. Now when it comes to accessibility, which social network wins? YOUTUBE! Now with mobile YouTube, your prospects can download and view videos straight from their smart phone. In fact, you can record and upload from your own phone as well. In addition, you can access YouTube from devices such as the Apple TV. TiVo also updated its services so viewers can also view YouTube videos. Then we have YouTube XL which allows you to view your favorite content through devices such as: Boxee TV, Wii, and Playstation 3 consoles. YouTube is where you want to be.

        Community: YouTube has the highest amount of consistent traffic to search  videos where people share and view videos. In addition, there is a social aspect of this network that consists of people subscribing and commenting on your content.  My favorite feature on YouTube is that you can customize and build your channel to your preference. The background is a piece of real estate; make sure it grabs the attention of your audience. In addition, you can link your YouTube account to your Twitter and Facebook. Remember, making your videos accessible to the largest reach will increase your social media marketing efforts greatly!

The Process of Setting-up the YouTube channel

        Name your channel: The username you claim when you are signing up on YouTube becomes your channel name. Be careful on which channel you choose to claim. The account name=username=profile name=channel name. Holy cow! That is a lot of names. Just make sure it is optimized as you would when naming a blog or domain. My best advice is to choose a username that will include all your niche words in it. This is your branding opportunity, so make the most out of it. Examples: FancyFortuneCookies, WorldsBestCookies, Lovein90days, etc.

       Design Strategy: You have many options when customizing your channel. YouTube gives you certain color combinations to help you get started. I would suggest to speak with a designer (me) to create an informative, yet inviting design for your audience.

        Options: Make sure you check off the box that allows you to display your “Recent Activity” feed on your channel. You can even control what shows up under the “Privacy” section of your channel. If you allow it to display when you become “friends” with someone, it will take up a lot of space on your feed, make sure you don’t check this off. The important items to check off are: comment on a video, when you upload a video, subscribe to another channel, and rate or favorite a video. This will allow you to make a positive impression towards other individuals.

Don’t have videos of your own? It’s okay!

There is a socialization process and this will allow you to track traffic back to your website and generate leads before you even upload a video. How? You can participate in the YouTube community and display other people’s related videos that your audience may find interesting. When you have your channel set-up, make sure you take the time to subscribe to other channels, add friends (send invites), comment on other channels, watch and comment on other videos, make it your favorite or rate videos within your niche, and create a playlist that will include your videos and tagged other video content.  Get on YouTube now, the options are limitless.

How do you Engage on YouTube?

Let’s start by creating some videos. Are you camera-shy? Well, here is a way by which you can create videos without even stepping in front of the camera.

Record a screen capture using software. Camtasia (PC and Mac) or Screenflow (MAC) allows you to create live-motion screen shots, PowerPoint Presentations that can be later converted for YouTube.

My favorite tool: Animoto helps generate videos through user-selected images, video clips and music. There are free and paid options.

 Additall is another great video tool that offers a library of licensed content in addition to editing and customization tools.

Webinars: You can use a site like GotoMeeting  or ComF5 and save the file in a way that you can track it another time.

Use Youtube’s built-in Quick Capture: Record a video via your webcam.

Factors for Creating Great Video  Content:

 Keep it SHORT: The best videos are under four minutes long (two or three are preferable). Remember, people have short attention spans these days. Make sure you state who you are in your videos, what you’re going to share, and add your call to action.

Plan ahead: Do you already know what you are going to say? If you don’t then it is important to plan ahead, people don’t prefer to hear a lot of “ums”, “I don’t knows” and “likes” within the video content. In turn, let’s do your audience a huge favor and give your message a quick-run through before you hit the record button. Teleprompter software is great if you are planning to do script-heavy videos.

Visuals are gold: Make sure you give your audience something to look at. This is where the screen-capture becomes useful when you are trying to find a way to visually stimulate your audience. There are plenty of images you can use without violating copyrights, so search and find one that will capture your audience.

Ask: If you do not ask your audience to do something, then they will not do anything. Ask your audience to subscribe, rate, comment on your video, or perhaps just make it a favorite.  These are all the activities necessary to determine the rank of your videos.

Give them more information: Your viewers will want to know where they can go for more information, so show them using screen-capture

This covered the beginning grounds for leveraging YouTube. In Part 2, I will go over tactics for titles, tags and video descriptions, video ranking, and tips to get traffic to your main website. Tune in with another cup of joe!

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