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June 22, 2017

How To Promote Events On Twitter



















TweetMyEvents allows you to post your event and they will tweet it out to their 6200+ followers on Twitter. They will also post it on their Facebook fan page. The page you create for your event has sharing icons for Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook which allows others to share it more easily too. There is no cost!



Crowdbooster allows you to see how far your tweet goes via measuring impressions. It allows you to monitor audience reach, growth and engagement metrics. It also has a Facebook and Twitter scheduler to allow you to schedule your posts/tweets for later. There is no cost!



VisibleTweets is a visualization of Twitter messages designed for display in public spaces. It allows you to broadcast tweets about your event AT your event on a screen or computer, you can put in your company twitter handle @xxxxx or if you have a hashtag designated for your event #youreventname then you can display those too. There is no cost!


             Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere allows you to collect feedback on the fly from your audience via their mobile phone through SMS, tweets or web browser. For example, you can give a presentation, poll your audience and the poll can display in your PowerPoint and update real-time with the results. There is no cost! Have a look at this poll. At an event you can imagine polling the audience real-time and what an amazing impact that would have.



TwitVid allows you to take videos of speakers at your events or key moments at your event and post them to Twitter or Facebook easily. TwitVid is for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android and there is no cost!

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