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June 22, 2017

How to Retain Visitors on Your Website





How to Retain Visitors on Your Website

How to Retain Visitors on Your Website



This was the biggest problem for me when I started my website and writing blogs. I was getting visitors, but they just wouldn’t stay or browse through my content. So, I started out implementing small changes that made big differences. Let me show you how I did this.




Think like your visitor when you are reading your content. Ask yourself questions such as, “Does the content have everything related to the content title? Is everything organized and easy to read / access?”


Internal Linking


Provide relevant links in your blog posts but don’t overdo it, as it will look like spam content. Only provide links where there is the utmost need, most preferably to your other posts. Another tactic is to use some plugins that suggest that there is other related content to your visitors either at the very bottom of your blog posts or in a nearby pane.


Images, Graphs, Charts


Let’s admit it, plain content is very boring. So, provide relevant images, graphs, charts and any artwork related to the content. This will increase the reader interest as pictures speak louder than words!


Image Placement


When placing images in your content, don’t just randomize it. Place them where they are most needed, that is, precisely where the graphical representation will do the most good.


Relevant Pages


Make sure that your website or blog has all the relevant pages and links and is easy to navigate. For example, the about you and contact sections should be available at all times (which some people forget), it forces the visitor to go the home page to access all of this information, again, which is not a good approach.




The visitor has finished reading the blog post or navigating your website, so what is next? You want the customer to come back, but how? This is no doubt a random visitor and, yet, we want him to be loyal reader, subscriber and customer. Use newsletter plugins here. They pop up after a short time has lapsed or after some part of the page is scrolled to finally ask the visitor to subscribe. Generally speaking, this does not always work. However, you can make it work. Use incentives and offers that will persuade the customer to enter an email address in a random website forum.




Think! Knowledge is wisdom! Take online marketing courses and lessons and increase your proficiency and expertise.



How to Retain Visitors on Your Website

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