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July 26, 2017

If you think you understand the core concept of Social Media, think again!


The concept of social media and the concept of sharing remain a mystery to many businesses. It may even take time for businesses to get comfortable with this trend. If businesses learn to embrace the core concept of social media they will see how their behavior in the market remains positive.   

Social media is redefining the idea of markets as communities, particularly sharing communities.


Imagine that you had the perfect marketing information for your business, in which you knew what every customer wanted.  This would help you focus your efforts on trying to target more customers like them. This will add a better niche to your company and provide innovative service offers for your customers. How is this possible? How can you get the information to give your customers what they want?

The secret lies on the possibility of finding this information when it is shared among communities. A year ago I considered buying a Subway franchise. After being employed there while I was in college, I found out that every time the franchise developed a new innovative item, it was required to share it with all the other franchises even the ones they were competing against. Subway got this idea of freely sharing and they are way ahead of their time.


Add Value within the communities

When you add value to the other markets you will see a greater impact than you expected. You will have customers from all over the place teaching you how to make your business better, even if it is a small change. Now how would you like that? This is why it is important to freely share information with others to gain the attention of the other places within your niche. Instead of looking at each other as competition, treat each other as a community where you can share value. How does social media play this role?

The power of social media provides you a spectrum of tools and platforms to achieve your milestones. You can share these pieces by aggregating, accumulating, and applying them to benefit both the community and your business. The big idea is to reach out, learn what you don’t know yet, and create more improvements. Stop wasting your money on classes that provide “secret strategies” because there are actually none. Everything is at your fingertips and you just have to search for it. The internet is so powerful today. You can search for and find almost anything on it.

Change your Process

I noticed how Facebook added all the languages to their platform, but how did they accomplish this task so fast? They let the communities help them out, and the communities in turn participated because they would benefit from the results. As an outcome, they were able to read Facebook in their own language. This is the power of freely sharing in communities. How was this feat possible?

Facebook presented a list of words that needed to be translated, and they left it up to the community to translate them. Now these were the words they were not able to find on their own.  It took them a few weeks to do the Spanish translation. In just a matter of days, they were able to eventually tackle all the other languages. Now this saved Facebook a lot of time and money. What are your thoughts on this?

My personal experience with this type of community involvement was when I operated a web design business. We put our customers to work by helping us create their own design. They participated because they would also benefit from this. As a result, our customer satisfaction rate went up because we knew exactly what our customers wanted. Think about it. How can they not be happy with the design they helped create?

Share with your Community

When you share with the community, they will throw back feedback and resources you may have not thought of before. This will expand your knowledge about what your target audience wants. I have experienced working with many companies that I thought sharing information was too risky because you are making marketable information available to your competitors. 

This is a myth, because in reality all information is on the social web. You just need to learn how to access them. However, what makes information valuable is how it is being used and what is being done with it. In order to add value to information, there should be organization, processing, and action. Now take these steps and repeat them to reach your milestones.

Social Media ROI

As a consultant, I am asked over and over again to provide client studies and how they have profited from my services. In addition, prospects always tell me their goal is to “increase sales” What is new? Think about what you really want and do not focus on sales alone. You need to be thinking about   increasing web visibility, reputation, and referrals as well. Social media is a long-term process, but if it is implemented correctly you should see your ROI increase over time, otherwise we need to talk over some tea.

In this article we have dealt with the core concept of social media, which is sharing. When you add value or help out the community, they are engaged with you and your business. It is like reverse psychology, the more you share, the more they share in return. This is how engagement is encouraged. If you are looking for a continuous return on your investment then start implementing this concept within your business. What do you have to lose when you start to share?  What do you think?  How can sharing benefit your business community?

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