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July 22, 2017

Influencer: The Power Tool For Effective Sales





Influence has a big impact when it comes to sales than any other tactic in 2012. Why? Think about it, when you go on the hunt to find 2000 influencers and 200 decide to take action you have branded yourself as an influencer. When your 200 influencers take action they will invite their networks and they will listen. As a result, those networks will then take action. When this effect multiplies your schedule will be filled with all kinds of inquiries. This is the power of word-of-mouth, if the process is done correctly. Otherwise you can find at least 20 people who have influence on your topic and issue and reach out to them. These people will ultimately help spread your message to the masses.

Characteristics of Top Influencers

People know what you think about, what you want to do and they can relate themselves to your purpose or message. Honesty is an important part of transparency, because people purchase from those they trust. Influencers who are transparent always deliver what they say they are going to deliver and they do not over promise.

Number of Fans vs. Number of Engaged Eyeballs
When it comes to creating an authority it doesn’t matter how many fans and followers you have. The only thing that matters is how many people are actually engaging in your network. We always encourage our clients to create political controversies or use creative pictures to engage with their fans. Now say that you are not the authority in what you do, so find someone who does have celebrity authority and ask them to endorse you. This is borrowing authority from someone else to boost your authority or respectability in the industry space. For example if we received an endorsement from Mari Smith, we would be transformed into a more respectable and inspiring company. The emotions that people feel about Mari Smith will also be transferred to CHE.

The Spotlight
If you make a habit of setting a celebrity-like status within your industry then you are set. How do you get there? It can be through various different avenues such as being recognized by your community for something you did. Also, you can start on a local level and move your way up.

Media Spotlights
Did you know television and radio are constantly looking for new guests/talent for their shows? Now think of yourself getting on these shows and having something to offer? This will boost your credibility especially within an audience. Newspapers and magazines have not disappeared yet, so they are still useful resources you can borrow authority from. People use these avenues to borrow authority from major publications.

Become an Author
When you write your own book you are able to share your expertise with others. Do you see the similarities between the word “author” and “authority?” There is no doubt that becoming an authority in your field starts with becoming an author. When you become an author it makes marketing in the local market much more feasible. From experience, becoming an author will shine the light on your business as well. Don’t be surprised when you are overflowing with leads from all places.

The Care Factor
Want to win leads from your competitors? Then be personable and start listening to them. One way to show that you really care about your prospects is by listening to their needs and problems. We are not saying become a therapist, but show them you care by offering your ears to them. People want to be heard, so in order to do this they need to know they can associate with you when you are able to communicate with them effectively.

The Networking Factor
The best part of connecting with people is letting them know your elevator pitch. However, before you do that you have to listen to what they are doing. Remember, people want to be heard, and the best way to do that is by listening. Listen to what they do, and after they are done, it is your turn. Go ahead with your own elevator pitch and remember the small details about theirs. In your elevator pitch connect a piece of their details with yours and let them know how you guys can work together. When you establish a working relationship or a strategic alliance, you become the authority!

We hope these tips help you become an influencer in your area of expertise.
Did we miss any? Please list them below.


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