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July 22, 2017

Learn to market your business with Innovative QR codes what the big talk is about QR codes? QR stands for quick response, this technology came from Japan. They are used to take a piece of information from a media and VIEW info from your cell phone. Hence, just from scanning a code with your cell phone you will instantaneously gain access to information traditionally only viewed on desktop or on a written material. Thus, with QR codes, you gain instantaneous information about a business and/or use it to redeem a promo. They are more useful than the original barcode, because people can use them to store information or data. The biggest key feature is that you can use your cell phone to scan them. Quickmark and Optiscan for Iphones, and Barcode Scanner for the Android are the names of the applications that need to be downloaded to scan the codes with your smart phone. Now that you know what they are, let’s talk about how you can generate them.

The easiest way to generate these codes is on, otherwise you can use the Open Source code to generate codes for you if you work with a developer. Now that you have generated your code, here are some ideas to use them for marketing purposes.

You can add the QR code on your business card, so people don’t have to manually add you as a new contact– the information from the card are stored on the phone when they scan the code. This makes it easier for the viewer to access materials to know more information about you. Example of items for business cards include: online resumes, Facebook Fan pages, and your contact information.

A giant QR Code linking to a website, to be re...

You can use QR codes to add to fliers, t-shirts, brochures, programs, web pages, billboards, magazines, and other media material. Some ideas include: directing users to a how-to video, your Flickr account where they can view a photo set, and allow users go to a mobile-friendly landing page where they can promote a new campaign. You can even use QR codes on your web pages, and the search engine will see that your pages have changed and indexed the content of the new image accordingly. With your products you can auto-generate a code for each of your products on your website, and place it next to every product so people can view the product details when they scan the code.

Now if you want your consumers to really pay attention to your QR code, make them fun and entertaining. For example, say you placed you code on the window front of your store, why not reward those who scan the code with a 10% off their meal. It doesn’t have to be a large reward, give them something small, so they get familiar with the idea of codes. Then you can extend and further promote this concept where you may come up with a scavenger hunt in your venue via QR codes. These are just a few of the many creative ideas out there.

Now it’s your turn, get on the new innovation that will make your place stand out from others.

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