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June 22, 2017

Link-Building: Help Your Brand Reach the Stars









I want to give you a comprehensive check-list that you can refer to anytime you need help with your link-building strategy or even just maintain your existing strategy.

Guest Blogging:

-Make sure you accept guest posting from other bloggers because they will remind their target audience that they have written a post. This way your website/blog will get more views at the same time.

-Take authority when you write posts, pick a side which ever niche you decide to choose. This will show that you don’t just blend in with everyone else.

-Sometimes you will have to use your imagination and think outside the box. This means you will have to write about items outside your niche. Find a creative way to combine the two. For example: “Social Media: The New Soul Food”

-Use article marketing to get your posts published on Ezines, newsletters, and my favorite:



-Don’t forget to influence major influencers on your site. This will help you get more attraction from other sites.

-Ask to be interviewed on other sites.

-Sometimes you might get lucky and do an interview through the media, that you can promote through YouTube and other avenues.


Link Exchanging:

-Search for local sites dealing with your niche and ask if you can be listed among them.

-Consistently link your website or blog to other pages on the web that you find helpful

-Blog directories are a great way to be found. List yourself in them!

-Submit your site to a CSS directory

-Do you want to grow your business, then ask for links from your friends and business partners.


Social Media:

-Create and utilize multi-media channels. This is a great way to build your brand through presentations (SlideShare), videos (YouTube), and podcasts (iTunes).

-Consistent Social Bookmarking will bring traffic to your website. Participate and start utilizing: Digg, Stumble-Upon, and Delicious.

-Question and Answer sites are becoming more popular nowadays, so don’t forget to utilize them. My favorites are LinkedIn Answers and Quora.

-Create profiles on: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and start networking on them to build your community. Sometimes you may have to research niche social networks that relate to your industry, so don’t just limit yourself to these three.

-Social coupons are a great way to expose your brand to the public, even if they decide not to purchase your deal. This is a great way to share information.

-Consistently participate in forums. Make sure you share a human voice so it doesn’t come off as if you are spamming.

-When you comment on blogs, you help bring awareness to your business. This is a powerful way to build your online community.



-Be generous and give testimonials to others. This is a great way to brand yourself and them at the same time! Remember to ask them to link the testimonial back to your website.

-Affiliate programs are a great way to have others promotes you. Start one now!

-Ask for reviews on your product or services…this may mean you will have to let others try them.

-Cross-posting other testimonials on your site will help business grow rapidly.



-Use press releases to spread the word about your business and what you do. This will help you build links to your website as well.

-How can you be more newsworthy within your marketing campaign? Tell your success story and your personal story from day one until now, fundraise for a charity, and always be the first one to site current happenings within your niche.

– Use the media: try to get on the local news, national news, perhaps even the industry news with the story you have to present. Newspapers, TV, radio need to be utilized with your marketing strategy as well. 

-Reach out to other established stations and come off as a volunteer “expert” in your field of expertise. Let others know that you can be the definite person they can look up to as far as the latest happenings in your industry are concerned.



Let’s Go Viral:

 -Infographics are the new popular way to go viral. My favorite website for infographics is:

When you write tutorials or how-to’s you can captivate your target audience and teach them something they didn’t know. This will make them want to share with their friends.

-Using photos and art is another way to go viral, but make sure they are unique. We have seen enough photos of people partying with drinks in their hands.

-In my opinion, case studies show credibility, they show if you are result-driven or not.

-Whitepapers and eBooks are the new and efficient ways to have your campaign go viral. In fact, use a lead capture form and offer these materials for free. This will help you generate a database while going viral at the same time!

-Do you have a third-party tool that you use? Host your tools and let others try them for free.

-Give to gain is the method to use when trying to capture an audience. Give them free advice and watch them come back for more.

-If you can BE the case study, that will really want to make others try you out. This will show them that you are able to utilize your own business strategies to become a success. Show other businesses how you became the success you are today, so they can see that you are credible in what you do.

– Create an app (make it free and have an incentive for your audience to keep using it).

-Browser extensions can go viral as well (create one that solves the problem of your audience). For example, Google Chrome has a “Toggle All” extension to select all your Facebook friends.

-You can create the design of WordPress templates and add your name at the bottom.

-The new FREE is the answer. When you give stuff away, you provide an incentive for your audience to want to stay active. 

-Recommend other people and admire them for what they do. You never want to make someone else angry so just provide great testimonials. This will get their attention to want to promote you as well.

-Lists help show your influencers and sometimes cause a reaction from the audience you already have.


Choosing Local:

-Check your local library for directory listings of businesses near you, so you can connect with them.

-The chamber of commerce and business bureau are resourceful places to make local connections.

-Exchange links with the local businesses near you: restaurants, retail, and other shops.

-The city website should show listings of businesses as well. Add yourself to the directory.

-Add yourself to directories such as: YellowPages, BrownBook, and DexKnows.

-Make sure your profile is completed and optimized on review sites: Google Places, Yelp, Urbanspoon, Chowhound etc.

-Make sure you always respond to your reviews for both positive and negative.

-Did you go to college? Let the alumni association know more about what you do and your business. See if they will promote you within their marketing materials.


Building your Community:

-Make badges and banners for your audience to add to their blog and ask them if they can be linked back to your site.

-Listen to your audience. Create surveys to find out exactly what they want.

-Keep your audience engaged by asking them what they want to hear more of within your blog or social media networks.

-Have a giveaway that will allow you to receive more comments and retweets, and spread the word through social sharing.

– You can even make badges for your audience that say “fan of the week”, “best blog”, “top fan”, etc. They will be able to post them on their sites.

-Events will help your business gain more awareness. Sponsor a sports team, conference, or even a charity.

-Have a giveaway where you reward the person with the top multimedia piece: blog, videos, podcasts, infographics, etc. 


Offline Strategies:

-Give your business cards away while networking.

-Go to seminars, workshops, conferences, and other events

-Use social networks to write reviews about the places you have been to.

-Set-up a networking meet with professionals that are within your niche

-Did you give your business card out? Make sure you are following up with those people.

-Pictures are a great way to market your business. Take pictures everywhere you go and post them on social networks.

-Organize your own networking events or join groups who will do that for you as well.

-Be the first to help out. Help out a person that is in need, watch the prizes return back to you.


Now you know how to start building links, and if you already have been, please comment below on any strategies I have missed. Remember, whichever strategy you choose, they must correspond with your keywords. Get to it! 

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