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June 22, 2017

Link Building Like A Pro With SEOMoz






In the interview Jamie mentioned the best links he has ever gotten were from business development. He said one should think about making partnerships with other small businesses and start getting links. The benefit for them would be that you would ‘promote them,’ this way there is no money exchange involved. This is a great way for the PR department because they will benefit greatly from getting involved with this. Then Jamie went into how to reach out to journalists and ask for a link.


Jamie’s top ways to connect with people include: Followerwonk, Topsy, and Rapportive. He also said don’t just collect links for traffic or rank on a particular word. Try to use links to measure the search visits to your site. How do you measure the amount of traffic to your site?


After Jamie spoke, John Henshaw came in and spoke about relevance, trust, and relationships. He said Google got smarter, so we can’t just get our links anywhere. He recommends we use Google +, Brainiac Boser, or feed links into a machine. John said, no matter what you do make sure you focus on relevance. Remember, Google is its own relevancy machine. Here are some advanced link building tips:

1. Make sure all the links that you receive are relevant. Trust is important because they are considered authority sites.

2. If you want to build advanced links then you should check out:

3. Hub Finders shows which sites are linking to your competitors.

4. These sites show you the hard-to-find prospects, check them out here:

A. Ontolo

B. Citation Labs Link Prospector

5.  Social Networks are a great way to find blogs and people to send out link requests to. For example, Facebook allows you to use their social search, while Pinterest is great for foodies!

6. BuzzStream and Raven are great tools to manage links.


Note: My favorite tool to check the rankings is Rankit. Check it out to see what you think of it!

7. If you want to see how trustworthy the link is then use these tools to find out:

A. Majestic SEO

B. SEOMoz Ose

C. Research Central

If you want to find time worth contacts then you might want to use the following tools:

A. Buzzstream

B. Raven

C. Full Contact

If you want to reach out use the templates provided by BuzzStream, Tout, or Raven.

8. Instead of ‘link building’ focus on ‘relationship building.’

9. How do you build a relationship with someone else?

-Track their Twitter account and create a list with just their Twitter account.

-Comment on their blog

-Hear them out and find out what their goals are.

-Have discussions and within the discussion, mention that you are interested in guest blogging.

-Let everyone know that you are the expert and you want to help him or her out.

-HARO is a great source to find reporters and journalists in challenging markets.

-He mentioned that when reaching out: Money talks. This means that you have to let them know you want to “sponsor their site in some way.” It will seem like you are paying money and you are not just out for the link. When you build relationships with others through your site this will help meet your goals and expectations.

Make sure the sites you contact are HIGHLY targeted.  This was a great amount of information. Did we miss anything? 


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