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July 22, 2017

LinkedIn: How to get the most out of the underrated Social Network




If you intend to attract the influential professional, wealthy, and job seekers then it’s only fitting that you use LinkedIn. You will find more than 80 million professionals in over 200 different countries. More than 80 percent of LinkedIn professionals have a bachelors degree, which implies that they are well educated. Statistics show the average household income of a LinkedIn user is $108,000 a year. In addition, over 20 percent of LinkedIn users are senior level executives and managers. Don’t get me wrong if I say that Twitter and Facebook are great social networks to promote your products and services, but LinkedIn has over 60 percent of users who are decision makers in their companies. This is something your competitors might not know yet. Here is how you can take advantage of this ever growing social network:

1.       Don’t wait for destiny to take its course, go to your customers

As a business owner, your main objective maybe is to get new clients who can try out your product or service. In order to do this, search for those who can be your best customers and then refer future business. Take note that I put emphasis on the word “best”. LinkedIn allows you to make advance searches for your niche, that Facebook and Twitter do not. Now it is your turn to network the best decision networkers out there. Note: First impressions are important, so don’t come off like spam when you first connect with them. Remember to always offer them help and assistance related to this industry when try to connect with them the first time.  The reason you are connecting with them is to bring value to them, don’t be thinking about yourself!


2.       Engage Your Target Audience

First, make sure you are updating your status daily, not with things like “I’m going to eat, because I am hungry”. You want to add value to your prospects, so provide them something that they can use or is industry related. You want to have status updates that provide solutions for your audience’s problems.  Second, start discussions or debates within LinkedIn groups. For example: Email Marketing: Is Email Marketing outdated? This will allow you to gain social proof from people that support your ideas. When there is opposition, this gives you an opportunity to express your expertise in your field for prospects. Third, consistency is key, so provide tips, tools, videos, and articles throughout the LinkedIn network.


In addition, remember to answer questions within different groups to help share your experience and broaden your reach. Another effective way to show your expertise is to hold training teleseminars and add these to your LinkedIn events. Then proceed with promoting your teleseminars to your contacts and groups. You can also distribute articles throughout LinkedIn to provide a sneak preview of what you will be discussing. Don’t forget to add a “call to action: activity for those who want to sign up for the teleseminar. This will help you build an email list from your LinkedIn contacts. Remember, we are trying to take this to the next level by building relationships with your contacts.  The last way to engage you audience is to put up polls, videos, blog feed, and PowerPoint presentations. The latest feature is the new publications application, which allows you to post your ebooks, books, articles and other publications. I have just given you the secrets. Now it’s time engage to your own advantage!


3.       LinkedIn Groups are No Joke

You are allowed to join up to 50 groups on LinkedIn so you can network, join conversations, and show your target audience that you have the answers to their problems. Do not make the mistake of joining a group but not participating in it. How do you expect leads to come to you if they don’t hear about you? Moreover, do not join groups with members that have similar interests as you do. I mean it is clear that you want to be in the same place as your target audience, but do not be in the group with your competitors.


4.       Online Community

Enjoy the benefits you’ll get from LinkedIn by building an online community through groups. Create your own group where you are in charge of the content and the discussions that take place. Make sure you check what is discussed in your group and make sure that everyone’s questions are answered in a timely manner.


5.       Consistency is Key

If you belong to 50 groups and each of those groups has at least 1,000 contacts, this is equivalent to 50,000 potential people you can connect with by spending a few minutes posting content. Take advantage of this network and start building prospects for your business.


Are you ready to take the LinkedIn challenge? If you already joined it, I hope this article would help you stay motivated in exploring LinkedIn as a networking platform for your business. 

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