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June 22, 2017

Livecasting Featuring Part 1: BlogTalk Radio and Live 365

What is livecasting and is your business a good fit for using this social media tool? This tool allows businesses to broadcast live video and audio streams to their designated social network. This tool will help you take reality television to the next level. If you’re a business that wants to gain credibility, you may want to consider this social media tool for: collaboration, communication, entertainment and education purposes. Today I am going to introduce the most effective tools for livecasting: BlogTalk Radio, Live 365,, ShoutCast and Talkshoe.

The most popular one is BlogTalk Radio, this tool lets you host your own online radio show and communicate with your target audience quickly and easily. This application has many features such as: getting live calls and playing MP3’s during the show. In addition, listeners will be able to subscribe to your show and you can receive a RSS feed that will entitle you to share your show through other social networks. This tool can be used by several different industries. For example, the U.S Department of Defense uses it to reach out to the public an in innovative way. They have live-call in shows to share news about issues that affect average citizens and the military. Therefore, the public gains a deeper understanding of these major issues.

Educators use BlogTalk Radio to hold classes and virtual lectures or even trainings for their staff. Additionally this application can be used with Twitter so viewers can “tweet” and call in when the show is in play. The network also incorporates text messaging services as well. Other services such as: Facebook, Myspace and Typepad work well with this service. Hosts use BlogTalk Radio to interact with their target audience and engage the public about certain issues. Others use it for entertainment, and then there are those that use it for democratic reasons. Here is an added bonus: these interactions can improve SEO for better Google rankings and create messaging that will be present online for a long time.

Live 365, lets to you utilize your freedom of speech and on their website. states on their website, “The company gives individuals and organizations a ‘voice’ to be able to reach a global audience, while offering radio listeners an unparalleled choice in music and other content. Through easy-to-use tools and services, anyone with a computer and Internet connection can create his or her own Internet radio station. As a result Live 365 offers the most diverse array of high-quality radio available today, with thousands of stations spanning myriad genres and representing over 150 countries.” You can choose to be listener and select the genre of your choice. If that is not you then you can be broadcaster and put on air material from MP3 to live talk radio format. This application uses two audiences which include the listener and the broadcaster. The listener can scroll through different media players. However, if you’re a member as a broadcaster you can stream MP3 playlists to listeners. In addition, you can install the software and broadcast live through you computer, a bandwith connection, a mix board, and a microphone. This application works well with Microsoft-based operating systems. Through a mobile phone it would be Radio365. Other user friendly devices include: iTunes, Real Player, Winamp, and Windows Media player. For example, “Smallbiz America Radio” is a business-related broadcast who project about the latest business news and interact with listeners. In conclusion, with Live 365 the industry will not matter because you will always have a audience that will be interested in the latest news, concepts, technologies etc.

Check back next week for Part 2 of Livecasting where I will discuss, ShoutCast, and TalkShoe!

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