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July 26, 2017

Livecasting Featuring Part II:, Shoutcast, Talkshoe

Let’s continue our discussion on Livecasting., is a social media tool that “enables viewers and broadcasters to interact and exchange ideas in real time through chat and live video through a network of thousands of diverse channels.” This application is used by individuals who want to broadcast events as they are occurring. The social media tool works with myspace, blogs, and websites through syndicating the video to share with the site you want to embed it to. Musicians and DJs use this device to broadcast their music and interact with fans, artists to share their work, and comedians to host interactive shows. In addition, it is effective for e-learning where viewers and the presenter can interact live. If you are looking to increase awareness about a product or service, show how the product works, or would like to host a meeting, this is a highly effective tool. Media companies may also be able to generate income if they sell access to live sporting events that can’t be seen through cable.

Shoutcast, is an online audio streaming free service that is compatible with: Windows, Linux, and Macintosh computers. Users can broadcast their own audio from their personal computer to other individuals online. They can use this service through running their own server or searching for a third party server provider. Once this is set up the broadcasters can install ShoutCast radio plug-in to start streaming their audio. The most common use of this device is to listen and create online audio broadcasts. This can be arranged to match the theme of your broadcast. For instance, broadcasts are present to play from chosen record companies, only play certain genres of music, or even play songs from a certain period in time. A musician could benefit from this service to broadcast and promote music, the distributing company could use this to promote the latest albums, or even a radio station could use it to reach to listeners online and engage with them.

TalkShoe; this is an online social voice application where users can feature live audio broadcasts, in which others can join in on and engage or even listen to. The live audio broadcasts are called “Community Calls” lets people have conversations online real time, then they can save these calls for others to listen to in their blogs or as podcasts. The limit to participate in a “Community Call” is 250, with 1000 people who are listening on the call. This social media platform can be used by businesses to interact with their target audience and gain valuable insight while marketing to them directly. A blogger could benefit from this by directing their listeners directly to their website or have a discussion about a certain post. A medical or health group can use this service to spread information about diseases and illnesses or even represent themselves as a support group to individuals. An ambitious media individual could use this service to talk about his/her skills. This can be used through podcast directories, blogging applications, and Skype. If you are aspiring to start broadcasting audio in various forms, this is the perfect device for you. In addition, if you are interested in adding a audio portion to your blog or website, this is a beneficial tool.

This brings us to a conclusion that Livecasting can be beneficial to many individuals seeking to gain awareness for their business, engage with their target audience, or even market directly to their prospects. Whatever your goal maybe, livecasting can serve as the spice to your meal and help you achieve your business goals.

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