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July 26, 2017

Market Research Part 2 of 3: Mining for Gold About Your Prospect

Market Research

Welcome to Part 2 of 3 in our article series on Market Research. Now that you are ALMOST a marketing genius, here are few more strategies, you don’t want to miss!

Golden Marketing Research Tip #4: Site Analytics

How is your website traffic? If you don’t know, then you are missing the big picture here. When was the last time you looked at your analytics? Never? Well, take a look at keywords report so you can see which search queries are bring you traffic. Also, you will be able to get a good idea of what your ideal customer is looking for on your website. Which words are bringing them to your site? This is why the URL builder tool is great to find these types of insights about your prospects. You can build a campaign to find out EXACTLY what your prospects are clicking on to get to your site.

Then look at the referring site report, so you can see exactly where the visitors are coming from. How many direct visits are you getting to your website? Take note of the prospect’s online habits and get to know them even better.

Do you already have a way of distinguishing new visitors from existing ones? If not add a widget/plugin that will alert you. Seth Goodwin has one called What Would Seth Goodwin Do? This plug-in will help differentiate new visitors from the returning ones.

When you segment, you will be able to understand your prospects more and what they exactly want. Where are the first-time going to? Which content appeals to them the most? If you look at the most popular pages in terms of the bounce rate, then you can see that the pages with the highest bounce rate aren’t exactly in your prospect’s best interest. Fix these pages as soon as you can! Now the pages with the lowest bounce rate are getting admiration from your prospects, create more of this.

Now, lets take a look at the returning visitors. Which pages are most popular with them? Why are these visitors even returning to the site? What is appealing to them? Take a not of these aspects from your analytics.

The next step is to look at your keywords that are bringing you the most visitors. Which ones are bringing you returning visitors? Which ones are just bringing single visits? Study these very closely and you will be surprised by how much you know about your prospect.

Golden Marketing Research Tip #5: Forums

Forums have a TON of information that you can’t find anywhere else. So what are the most popular forums within your niche? Time to do some research, eh? Just start with Google and type in: (Your Primary Keyword) + Forum. Now, with the list of forums, create a visitor profile so you can really get in depth information about your prospects.

To make sure the forums you chose are top notch, go to and get a profile on the selected forum by entering the URL of it. Take a look at the demographics for each of the forums and add it to your notes. Make sure you summarize the demographics of the users within each forum before you start participating in them.

In the forum, take a look at the threads and the posts that are getting the most views. Look at the "most common" questions section, and see the types of questions they are asking. Take a look at the advise that is given to them. What words do your prospects use to describe themselves?

As you look into these forums, determine why the users are purchasing what they are purchasing. Look at the posts that talks about their goals, and what their goals are. What are they going to receive when they achieve their goals? Will it change their lives? Will it make them feel accomplished in any way?

Then, the next step is to communicate with your prospects. What is the best way. Look at the words and phrases they are using to speak with others within the forum. What makes them excited? (This can be shown through the posts that are getting the most action). By knowing HOW they communicate and the words they use, you will be able to create a relationship with them and they will be able to trust you. Guess what? This is how you will make a sale!

Golden Marketing Research Tip #6: Popular Blogs

Why are blogs overlooked by many businesses? They are on of my favorite research tools. Blogs have a great way of revealing what gets your prospects excited. What words are they using to express their mood?

A. Find the most popular blogs within your niche at Go back to the keyword list and type in the main keyword in the search box. You want to filter your results so it shows "search blogs" instead of "search posts."

B. You have your list of profiles and URLS, now go back to Quantcast and check the demographics on them. Are the demographics similar to the ones you received from the forums? If they are then you’re ready to RUMBLE in the business world.

C. Now, start looking through the blogs to see the number of comments they are getting. Are there a lot of comments on each of these blog posts? If there are, then you can see what type of content your prospect LOVES and wants to see more of. Read the comments for word choice that your prospect uses, so you can relate to them.

The posts that don’t have many comments on them, are the posts you will want to avoid, so take note of that. For example, I notice that on, anytime we talk about strategy and marketing we get a lot of comments; hence it is a HOT TOPIC. This is what the readers WANT to see more of!

I would love your feedback folks! Comment below and share this article! 



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