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July 26, 2017

Market Research Part 3 of 3: Mining for Gold About Your Prospect


market researchWelcome to Part 3 of 3 in our article series on Market Research. Now that you are ALMOST a prospect mining genius, here are the last few strategies. You don’t want to miss this!

Gold Piece #7: The Power of Magazines

Try to find all the magazines within your niche and just look at the covers. The covers will show you what your prospects are interested in. This can help you gain insight from a designer’s point-of-view on what they REALLY want. Every magazine has a different cover and each magazine has different subscribers. So my question is, what makes each magazine different.

Gold Piece #8: Social bookmarking Search

One of my favorite resources is Delicious. They recently revamped their website, but I love the fact that it is user-friendly. Go back to your 10 keywords list, type in each keyword and look at the content that has been bookmarked for each keyword. It is a pure gold mine! You might want to look at the top bookmarked content in the blue box at the right just to see why it was bookmarked as the “top” one.

Gold Piece #9: Question and Answer Sites

Q & A sites have great resources to learn from. My favorite ones are: Yahoo! Questions, Wiki Answers, LinkedIn AnswersGoogle AnswersQuora,, and many more. Help someone out and boost your traffic!

Gold Piece #10: Using Clicktale

How cool would it be to see what every visitor on your site is looking at? What if you were able to see exactly what they were reading and what they were skipping over? What were they scrolling through? There is a service that gives you access to all of this information called Clicktale! Check them out!


We are officially done! So look through all these once again and ask yourself, what do prospects value? What are their problems? How can I help them solve their problems? Why are they buying from competitors?  Keep learning more and more about them before you settle for mediocrity.

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