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July 26, 2017

Marketing Ideas Gone Bad and How to Avoid them

Can Advertising Help Conquer A Bad Business?

For example, picture a sandwich shop, who has recently noticed their business is on a downward trend and sales have been going down. They try to blame the economy and new competition. Then they decide to run a few ads thinking this will solve their problem. Wrong move.

Why is the business down? The business is really down because they have not really focused on bringing back existing customers by treating them well. Also, they have not focused on bringing in new customers. Their business strategy is lacking or their product/service is missing something. When businesses run ads, before fixing the underlying issue, there is a new problem they have to deal with. Instead of wasting money on ads, how about we fix the product/service, and then we run ads?

The ‘Lost’ Customer

Have you ever tried to be funny by portraying the customer as a dumb person trying to search for a life solution? This is not the way to win business and buying decisions. Why would you make fun of the person you are trying to turn convert into a customer? Always make your customers look smart and keen when it comes to any type of advertisement or promotion. You want to be able to create a relationship with them. Look at your relationships now, would you make fun of them? No, right? So, this is why you want to portray potential customers as a smart, confident buyer.

Remember Those Sink Ads?

Have you ever seen a kitchen sink ad? Have you noticed how it’s full of product information, features, and promotions of the product? As a result there is no call-to-action given to the prospect, and no benefits to keep the prospect’s attention. Instead, know what your prospect NEEDS in order to solve THEIR problem. Then create a headline that is tailored to this particular benefit, and use a copy to show facts of and claims of your headline. In other words, create a captivating headline, and provide the facts and information to confirm it.

Changing Your Logo … A LOT

Want to confuse your consumers pretty easily? Start changing your logos often, as well as your website URL and its design, and your advertising tag line. When businesses start to let other departments, freelancers, employees creating marketing materials without the assurance of using the company’s original image, then they begin losing their prospect’s respect. Do you really want your prospects’ trust? Then show them a strong, undefeatable image.

Is The “Best Always Last?”

Have you ever noticed presentations, sales letters, or ads that don’t talk about the greatest benefit until the very end? Do you think the prospects are really patiently sitting in their seats filled with anticipation? To be frank, not really! Solution: Make the opening captivating and eye-catching! Research shows that 4 out of 5 people read the headline, listen to the opening of the radio ad, and the opening of a presentation, and if these are weak. If they’re weak openings … prospects might just say, “BYE BYE!” This is why it is important to lead in with your most powerful strengths and not your weaknesses.

“Instant Gratification” In The Internet World? Forget It!

Lets say you bought a new cell phone, do you expect to have your phone ringing off the hook right away? No way! This is the same for a website as well. The chances of opening a new website and then expecting a stampede of new visitors to come to it is unrealistic. No matter what any guru says about, “Web Traffic In A Day,” there is no secret. In order to get the traffic you want, you must invest the effort, time and money into it.

No Marketing Plan? Operation Fail!

Do you know your objectives and strategies that you are going to use for your business? I have seen so many businesses jump straight into the marketing tactics without doing the initial planning. Why is this planning vital to their business? Well, say that you get a business proposal from a salesperson, another one for a Internet business Opportunity, and then another one who wants to create a joint venture. What do you do now? If you had a marketing plan that already had your objectives and strategies you would know exactly whom you want to do business with and whom you don’t really want to get involved with. Usually these types of opportunities come with a quick deadline, so the decision made is short-term. We want to create long-term decisions for long-run results. Start planning!

Do People Really Care That You Increased Floor Space? 

People do not care that you have increased floor space, or you have new management. These are what we call “low-ball marketing techniques.” Why? They just do not create the kind of enthusiasm that results in sales. The solution here would be to remove the spotlight from yourself, and put it on the benefits to the customer.

For example, if your company is celebrating their 10th Anniversary Of Being In Business, switch that to The 10Th Anniversary Of 4 FREE Events & One Open-Bar For You And Your Family! Don’T Miss Out On The Fun!”

Nowadays, people are in it for themselves, so give them what they want.

How Far Does The “Captive Consumer” Belief Go?

This belief doesn’t go very far. Always keep in mind there are tons of options out there. Today, the market is more saturated than ever before. This is why it is vital to EARN the consumer’s loyalty first, before their dollar.

This means don’t be on the phone when a new prospect comes to visit. How many times have you given a better deal to new consumers vs. old consumers? They notice this.

Are you spending more time trying to recruit new business than rewarding existing business? In the long run this model creates a dent in your business. Customer loyalty is prime in order for your business to earn profits. Remember, this is never-ending, so once you earn it, remember to maintain it!

What did you think of this? Was it helpful? If not, what would you add? Comment below.

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