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July 22, 2017

Marketing: Pick-Up Artist Style Part 1


There are many marketers out there who love the creative side of marketing, but what are they missing? They are missing the methods and the process behind it. Marketing is not only an art but a science too. Creativity is great, but if you aren’t able to track the results then we may have a problem. For example, if the pickup artist uses ‘creativity and love’ all throughout the process but can’t pick up the woman then he failed right? Even the pickup artist has to track what he is saying and the response he is getting from each message he is putting out there. This works the same for marketing. You have to track and test each process to really know if your marketing strategy works.

 Testing is Everything

The pickup artist tests different ‘lingos’ and ‘emotional triggers’ that may make the woman feel comfortable. The marketer must test each step of the process to know what is grabbing the attention of their target audience. When you test, your business will grow because you will know what your audience wants. When the pickup artist tests his ‘lingo’ on the girl he will know by her reaction to it.  The pickup artist also has to grab the attention of the girl. What is going to work? He needs to come off as a likeable person who delivers an extraordinary amount of value.

Guess what? Even pickup artists know it’s a numbers game, so if one strategy doesn’t work do not get discouraged. There are many other strategies you can use. The process of testing offers two or more items of a single variable to see which one the prospect is more responsive to. For example, remember the Coke andPepsi commercial blind tests? You have to test out the samples to understand your target audience better. I use testing to get insight about new promotions, create a market for a product or service and compare response rates. My clients always ask: “How do I know if my pricing structure is appropriate for my product?” We have to test it out and see to get the answers! My answer would be to test out the message, pricing, incentives, and shipping and handling to see if your target audience likes it. What do you want to test?

1. Copy

2. Price

3. Product

4. Media/Lists

What is Your Message?

The pickup artist has social proof backing up his message. This is obvious, the more women that like him the more ‘wanted’ he will become. When creating a message you want to back it up with video testimonials, reviews and tons of fans wanting more of your product. So how do we go about creating a message that elicits this type of social proof?

1. Test the subject line. (Is it catchy to your target audience?)

2. Test using the senders. (Do they respond to one person more than another person?)

3. Test different lengths. (Do they like long copies or short? Do they like text or HTML?)

4. Test the leads. (Do they like your message? Do they want more of it?)

5. The Headlines (Which ones are getting a better response rate?)

6. Colors and the Background (Which go best with your target audience?)

7. Pictures (Are you making them laugh with your pictures? Or are they boring?)

8. Closing (Do you get a better response rate when you have a personable closing? Like a P.S.)

9. The Packaging (Do they like the messaging on the package? Or no?)

When it comes to testing don’t sweat the small things, only test things that make a significant difference. This is what is going to change your response rate.  As for the pickup artist, he has to test everything he says from the first hello to the last goodbye to really know what is working well.


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