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June 22, 2017

Marketing: Pick-Up Artist Style Part 2




Now that you have read Part 1, we are ready to move on to Part 2 of the marketing tune up! What do you think of your current marketing efforts? Not going so well? Keep reading!

The Product: Is Yours Hot or Not?

What are marketers really good at? They are good at creating needs. This is why it is important to create a need (find a problem) and be able to deliver extraordinary value to solve the problem. The pickup artist also has to give A LOT in order to get. If the woman does not feel comfortable and emotionally stimulated then she won’t buy it right? This is why being knowledgeable about a product doesn’t mean you are able to market it. For example, my client sold life insurance to teens. So what was his content about? The content entailed things that teens would love and nothing informational about life insurance. As a result, the teens couldn’t get enough of the incentives which resulted in a successful campaign!


Marketing requires a different type of knowledge, it’s not just about how, when and why the customer purchases. Just like the pickup artists, the marketer KNOWS what is attractive to his/her target audience (the woman in this case). They are able to step in the shoes of their target audience. This is about taking the time to shine on and give value by promoting the benefits instead of the features of the product. You are catering to the desires, wants and needs so closely that they can’t get enough of your product.


The best kind of testing in this case would be to test variations of the product with one another. This takes a little bit of courage as you do not know who your market is just yet. How do you get to know your market? Ask yourself:

1. What mistakes are you seeing other marketers make when selling this product?

2. What is the biggest psychological benefit this product provides?

3. What are your customers’ needs and desires? Have they changed recently?

4. Have you done anything to assimilate to these changes?


Remember if your product is not sellable in one market this doesn’t mean it’s an end all situation. You might be wondering what markets are. They are groups of people who have changing values and perceptions. You only have to find one group that loves your product or niche.


The Incentive: Do You Have One?

The pickup artist uses strategies that create exclusivity, scarcity and of course taking away and creating a chaseable situation. If they are good they will always end the conversation first. In addition, they will always have a ‘limited’ time availability to offer. Sometimes they may say they are not available at all. Other times, they use the mouse and the cheese strategy. These all create actions from the other person. The takeaway as a marketer: Offer something that is irresistible, exclusive and scarce!


1. The Price: Say you created an e-book that talks about how you can look attractive by drinking two protein shakes a day. What are people willing to pay for this? $10.99? $19.99? $25.99? We won’t know until we test the market. I have been amazed many times when my clients have sold products at sky high prices. Believe it or not people do make purchases when products are more expensive because they think they will ‘get more’ from them. I suggest you do some research on your competition before you make a decision.


2. Term: What are you trying to get? Orders? Leads? Do you have a subscription offer? If they buy five products do they get a bonus one for free? What are you offering, the physical product or information on the benefits of the product? If you do not know the answers to these questions, then you should test it.


3. Policies and Refunds: Remember the Dominos commercial that said, “30 minutes or less, or we will give you a FREE pizza.” What can you lose from this? Nothing right? This is a compelling offer. “If you are not satisfied in ___ days then we will give you your money back guaranteed.” So what is the answer to the fill in the blank? We don’t know, so we have to test it.


Lists: Which Ones are Going to Work?

When you are on the prowl to find the people who will like your product, lists are your most valuable resource. When you purchase a list you will be able to figure out which markets like your product and be able to add different segments. You want to be the ‘authoritative’ product when you go out to sell, right? Which market is going to help you stand out like that? The pickup artist is the same when it comes to approaching a woman, because women want someone who is going to take control. This product is going to help you control the behavior of the audience. So how do you go about doing list research?


Say for example I had ‘Health Meals on the Go’ I would think about picking up lists for corporations whom are always on the go. When you search for lists they are broken down into different categories. For healthy meals on the go, you might have:

-Alternative healthy meals on the go

-Other health lists (fundraising, subscribing)

-Nutritional health lists

-Specific condition health lists

-The Health newsletter list


Now, take some time and categorize your lists to see which one has the most names available to it. TIP: DO NOT bring people through heavily discounted offers because once they see it, they will want more of it. The goal of testing is to increase your response rates by 25%-100%, so as I said don’t sweat the small stuff, just focus on testing the big things.



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